EuroLinux vs. CentOS – comparing the Linux distributions

12.06.2023 Linux
EuroLinux vs. CentOS
In this article, we would like to present a comparison of two Linux distributions – EuroLinux and CentOS. We will also answer the question which one of them is worth considering as a guarantee for meeting the requirements of modern enterprises.

EuroLinux 8.8 released

EuroLinux 8.8
We released EuroLinux version 8.8. The EuroLinux 8.8 repositories have been expanded to include Python 3.11, Nginx 1.22 and PostgreSQL 15. Among others, several packages have been updated, such as: Git 2.39.1, Git LFS 3.2.0, Valgrind 3.19, SystemTap 4.8, Dyninst 12.1.0, Elfutils 0.188, PCP 5.3.7, Grafana 7.5.15, GCC Toolset 12, LLVM Toolset 15, Rust Toolset 1.66, GoToolset 1.19.4.

EuroLinux 9.2 released

aEuroLinux 9.2
On May 11, 2023, we released version 9.2 of the EuroLinux operating system. EuroLinux 9.2 repositories have been expanded to include Python 3.11, Nginx 1.22, PostgreSQL 15, new versions of Performance Co-Pilot, ...

EuroLinux 8.8 beta released

EuroLinux 8.8 beta
we released EuroLinux version 8.8 beta. Version 8.8 beta includes new versions of developer software (LLVM 15, Rust 1.66, Go 1.19), SELinux policies update, kernel version 4.18.0-477, updates to containerization and virtualization tools. EuroLinux 8.8 beta also provides new software – the modules postgresql:15, nginx:1.22, jaxb:4 or swig:4.1.

Brand new release of EuroMan is now available

Managing operating systems is an indispensable part of their maintenance in any enterprise. This process can be made much easier and more efficient by using a tool for centralizing systems management, such as EuroMan. We just released the latest version of EuroMan. In this article we will take a look at its functionalities and compare the product with its predecessor.

Brand new release of EuroLinux Desktop – what will we find in version 9.1?

28.03.2023 Product releases
EuroLinux Desktop
EuroLinux Desktop is a modern operating system that combines the reliability and security of the Enterprise Linux distribution with the look and functionality of Windows and macOS. We built it based on the RHEL 9.1 source code, but made a number of changes to the user interface. A new version of the EuroLinux Desktop operating system – 9.1 – has just been released. Let's see what it brings.

Manual vs. automated testing – differences and advantages

Manual vs. automated testing
To reduce the risk of malfunctions when using software, or to assess its quality, it is necessary to subject it to tests. Therefore, in this article, we will cover the two basic types of testing: manual and automated. We will also talk about the way of testing in EuroLinux.

EuroAP as a systemd service

14.03.2023 Middleware
EuroAP as a systemd service
The EuroAP platform can run as a service on all supported operating systems. In this demonstration we will show you how to run EuroAP as a systemd service under the EuroLinux 8 operating system.

Cockpit in EuroLinux 9

01.03.2023 Linux eurolinux
Cockpit w EuroLinux 9
Imagine how great it would be if, in order to configure a new Linux server, you don't have to memorize and issue commands. There is a dedicated tool for this – Cockpit. In this article we will show you how to install it and tell you about its features.

How to make use of the Argon One case for Raspberry Pi on Enterprise Linux systems?

15.02.2023 Linux
How to make use of the Argon One case for Raspberry Pi on Enterprise Linux systems?
The Argon One case is one of the most popular cases for the Raspberry Pi. It provides protection, dissipates heat brilliantly, allows easier management of the device and has an active cooling system. However, taking advantage of the full capabilities of this enclosure requires a good knowledge of the system, tuning skills and some perseverance. We will show you how to accomplish this.