A friendly business model – i. e. how we license EuroLinux and EuroMan

EuroLinux licensing

Over the years, we have encountered many different product licensing models: from the very intricate to the less complicated ones. Licensing has always been a nightmare for customers and partners. So is it worth keeping the business model simple, friendly and honest?

Many years of experience in the IT industry and observation of the activities of various companies have allowed us to draw many interesting conclusions. One of the main factors hindering the cooperation of customers and partners with software producers is complicated licensing. Some manufacturers often change their licensing method or introduce different models for the same group of products. This means that we get lost in the meanders of licensing and we cannot keep up with the changes. We start wondering: how many subscriptions should we buy? Do we use the subscription as expected by the manufacturer? Are we going to be charged penalties? How many subscriptions should we price for a customer for a given environment? In addition, changes to the licensing rules are usually accompanied by an increase in the price of the solution and a marketing guide for partners ‘how to convince the customer that it is cheaper’.

Knowing the difficulties our customers and partners face, with which we ourselves had to face many times, we simplified our subscription model as much as possible and the prices of our products have remained unchanged for several years. It was enough to follow three basic principles: the business model and the offer should be simple, friendly and fair. We already know that it is possible to be effective acting this way.

Today's material is dedicated to the EuroLinux operating system and the Linux management platform, EuroMan. It opens a series of 3 articles aimed at bringing our product licensing policy closer. Two subsequent articles will be dedicated to EuroDB and middleware products.

EuroLinux system

We offer two types of subscriptions for the EuroLinux operating system:

  • subscription for one physical server
  • subscription for 10 virtual servers.

Subscription for the physical server

If you purchase a subscription for a physical server, the number of processors on the server and the number of cores in the processors do not affect the selection of the subscription. One physical host is one subscription. To show this, we will use examples.

Example 1.

We have one physical server. In the server we have 4 CPUs (a total of 24 cores). How many subscriptions do I need to purchase?

You only need to purchase one EuroLinux subscription. One physical server requires only one subscription.

EuroLinux licensing

Example 2.

We have two physical servers. One has 2 CPUs (12 cores), the other has 4 CPUs (24 cores). How many subscriptions do we need?

Similarly to the first example, you only need to purchase two EuroLinux subscriptions.

EuroLinux licensing

Subscription for virtual servers

We want to purchase subscriptions for virtual servers. What do we need to do? You only need to count the number of virtual servers on which you want to install EuroLinux systems. Importantly, we count virtual servers in the entire infrastructure. Virtual machines with EuroLinux can freely migrate between physical hosts. The number of virtual processors or cores does not affect the selection of subscriptions. To illustrate this, we present two examples.

Example 1.

We need 10 EuroLinux systems on virtual machines.

We only need to purchase one EuroLinux subscription.


Example 2.

We need 10 EuroLinux systems on virtual machines distributed on 3 different physical servers.

In this situation, we only need to purchase one EuroLinux subscription.


EuroMan tool

EuroMan is a tool for managing Linux operating systems. It allows you to easily administer your entire physical, virtual, and cloud environment from a single graphical console.

EuroMan is licensed per instance (physical or virtual). The support is the same as the level of support with which the EuroLinux operating systems were purchased.

EuroMan for physical or virtual host

We want to run EuroMan on a physical or virtual host.

In both cases, it is enough to purchase 1 EuroMan subscription, regardless of the number of CPUs or cores.





More products


As mentioned in the introduction, the licensing of EuroLinux products is friendly, simple and clear. In this article, we analysed two solutions: the EuroLinux operating system and the EuroMAN systems management tool. In the following, we will explain how we license the PostgreSQL-based EuroDB database platform.