Automatic upgrade of EuroLinux 7 to EuroLinux 8

Automatic upgrade of EuroLinux 7 to EuroLinux 8

EuroLinux 7 is supported until July 31, 2024. However, many companies and organizations are already thinking about upgrading the versions of their systems, so as not to miss this deadline and risk losing support. A big help for our customers is the EuroLinux AutoELevate solution – a script that automates an upgrade to EuroLinux 8 – a version supported until June 30, 2029.

EuroLinux 8 introduces many changes from the previous version. We presented the differences between these releases and a description of the features that characterize EuroLinux 8 in this article. Today we will show you how to take advantage of the automatic upgrade to version 8.

EuroLinux AutoELevate

EuroLinux AutoELevate is a script that enables the automatic upgrade of EuroLinux 7 to EuroLinux 8. It uses the community implementation of the ELevate project to enable the upgrade of CentOS 7 to EuroLinux 8. EuroLinux AutoELevate adds the ability to upgrade EuroLinux 7 or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7 to EuroLinux 8. It automates the tedious manual typing of commands, during which human error is easy. In addition, it predicts a number of limit cases and checks the registration status of the system.

The process is safe, reversible and does not require reinstalling the system. Installed applications, data and configuration remain unchanged.


If you have an active EuroLinux 7 subscription, once you upgrade your system version, it still applies according to the level and support period you purchased.

After the EuroLinux 7 subscription expires, the script can also be used successfully. The system will be receiving updates and security patches, but will not be covered by EuroLinux technical support.

To ensure that the system receives the highest quality of product support, we recommend purchasing a EuroLinux subscription, which includes in addition:

  • direct technical support of the manufacturer
  • access to errata files
  • access to additional intermediate packages
  • the ability to influence product development.

The subscription can be purchased from authorized EuroLinux partners or directly from the shop.

Running the script

Before running the script, in accordance with good practice, we recommend that you back up your EuroLinux 7 installation.

Then run the following commands:

git clone
autoelevate/ -d eurolinux

The full upgrade process, depending on the speed of the machine and its drives, takes about 15-30 minutes. During this time, the system will reboot twice.


Upgrading from EuroLinux 7 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to EuroLinux 8 is simple, boiling down to executing two commands. It extends the manufacturer's support until at least June 30, 2029, and allows you to take advantage of the potential of the more modern software.