EuroLinux 8.4 available on the AWS platform

EuroLinux publicznie dostepny w chmurze AWS

As of September 3, 2021, EuroLinux 8.4 is also publicly available on the AWS cloud.

It is an official AMI (Amazon Machine Image) that has passed the verification/certification process from Amazon Web Services. The widespread availability of EuroLinux directly in the AWS cloud greatly simplifies the user experience. There is no longer a need to manually import AMIs available in the EuroLinux Customer Portal into the cloud. Therefore, as a matter of procedure, these images will be retired in this portal.

Among other things, EuroLinux 8.4 AMI supports ENA, or Elastic Network Adapter, allowing for noticeable increases in flows and overall performance of network interfaces.
A standard `cloud-user` is used to increase compatibility with other cloud environments. This fact will be particularly appreciated by organizations with multi-cloud environments.

The EuroLinux 8.4 AMI has the EPEL add-on repository enabled by default, from where it draws DKMS, a mechanism that automatically rebuilds kernel modules such as ENA, among other things.