EuroLinux 8.8 beta released

EuroLinux 8.8 beta

On April 13, we released EuroLinux version 8.8 beta. It allows you to test technical innovations and compatibility with the upcoming EuroLinux 8.8. Version 8.8 beta includes new versions of developer software (LLVM 15, Rust 1.66, Go 1.19), SELinux policies update, kernel version 4.18.0-477, updates to containerization and virtualization tools. EuroLinux 8.8 beta also provides new software – the modules postgresql:15, nginx:1.22, jaxb:4 or swig:4.1. It also includes packages for Python 3.11.

In this article, we will describe the technical advantages and features of the EuroLinux ecosystem. We will also present release notes along with the jumpstart documentation.

Open Core

Since version 8.3, EuroLinux is available both as a paid supported subscription and free of charge in the Open Core model. The advantage of such a solution is to deliver the greatest possible value to users and the community. It is a modern, transparent and responsible business model.

Since version 8.3, every user of the EuroLinux system and EuroLinux containers receives a complete system with updates released at the same time for users using the paid and free versions.

The paid version of the system provides additionally, among others:

  • direct manufacturer's technical support
  • access to additional intermediate packages (if the support service requires this)
  • the opportunity to influence product development.

For no charge EuroLinux is also available as the released EuroLinux 9 and EuroLinux 9 Desktop versions. These free versions are full featured, but do not include commercial support for the product.

The complete stack – all system versions

EuroLinux is available and supported in versions 9.x, 8.x, 7.x and 6.x. As a result, it can be used as the only system in the organization's ecosystem.

The latest supported versions of EuroLinux are:

  • 9.1 – fully supported system (9.2 beta is under development)
  • 8.8 beta – development version
  • 8.7 – fully supported system
  • 7.9 – fully supported system
  • 6.10 – system supported with Euro ELS (Extended Life Support – individual subscriptions).

The complete stack – more than a system

In addition to the operating system, we offer a number of other versatile products. All of them are based on open source projects and together form a useful technological stack. These include:

  • EuroAP – Java® application server based on and compatible with JBoss® EAP
  • EuroDB – database platform based on PostgreSQL
  • EuroSSO – complete Single Sign-On backend
  • EuroTower – Ansible® automation management platform
  • EuroStorage – Ceph™-based software-defined storage (SDS) platform
  • EuroIQ – hybrid cloud management platform
  • EuroMan – Linux update management platform.

Release Notes

Release notes are available in the open documentation: EuroLinux 8.8 beta Release Notes

EuroLinux Desktop Live

We also encourage you to test the Live ISO of EuroLinux Desktop 9.1. EuroLinux Desktop is a very well-received modern operating system that combines the reliability and security of the Enterprise Linux distribution with the look and functionality of Windows® and macOS®. Download link and usage instructions are here:

System installation and instalation images

An abbreviated installation of the system, along with information on where to download the installation media, is described in the EuroLinux 8 Jump Start open documentation:

Installation images for the beta version are available for download at the link: