EuroLinux at the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce


From September 6 to 10, 2022, we are participating in the International Defence Industry Exhibition (pol. MSPO) in Kielce. This is the annual third largest defense trade fair in Europe. The event is an excellent opportunity to learn about the application of one of our products, which fits perfectly into the convention of solutions for the defense industry – EuroLinux Gaia.

At the invitation of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA), we are participating in this year's 30th International Defence Industry Exhibition 2022. EuroLinux will be part of POLSA's exhibition. More information about the event here:

The defense industry is not only about hardware, but also about reliable software to support it. The MSPO trade fair is an excellent opportunity to more broadly present our solution that introduces groundbreaking functionality for building operating systems to the market. EuroLinux Gaia allows you to compile the operating system yourself from sources in your infrastructure. It also allows you to customize the system and create your own distributions.

EuroLinux Gaia – benefits of application in the defense industry

Self-compilation of software from sources ensures continuity of the supply chain, eliminating the possibility of being cut off from software supply by an outside company or foreign country. It guarantees the correct operation of the hardware, provides resistance to cyber attacks, independence and operational and strategic capability. It also allows free distribution of software and the hardware in which it is a component. It allows the creation of dedicated operating systems - in the case of the military, this could be software for combat laptops, drones, smart missiles or for radio communications.