EuroLinux Free Base Image – grab and use


On September 10, 2019, we released the official version of free developer repositories with the mysterious abbreviation: FBI. In our case, the expansion of the acronym stands for Free Base Image.

Contents of FBI

Free Base Image can be used freely, but it was created especially for software developes who want to be able to use mature and stable software as a base for modern solutions in an unrestricted way. Therefore, the FBI repository contains packages that allow you to run services such as web servers, databases, application servers and much more.

Latest versions of our container images, vagrant baseboxes or dedicated cloud images (Azure, AWS) include the FBI repository installed and preconfigured by default.

Link to FBI:

Installing software from Free Base Image

Installing software from the FBI repository is no different than installing software from a standard RPM repository. The packages are signed with the standard EuroLinux key. In addition, they are usually identical to packages available in our standard repositories.

What the FBI is not?

The FBI does not contain a full version of the operating system. The available packages serve any purpose (though the natural applications are: development, testing, and Proof of Concept purposes). They can also be freely used, distributed and copied, excluding trademarks.

Free Base Image contains the latest versions of packages when updated, but because of its cyclicality due to its association with the release of cloud images or containers, among other things, it naturally ages. The FBI repository, due to its shorter lifecycle, undergoes different testing procedures than standard EuroLinux repositories.

Toward the cloud

The release of Free Base Image is a milestone in our product development philosophy. The need for Free Base Image came out of many conversations with people who use our platforms to make their products available. Finally, we will provide you with more such pleasant surprises in the near future.