EuroLinux publicly available in Azure cloud

EuroLinux available on the Azure platform

EuroLinux system images are publicly available on another cloud platform – Microsoft Azure. The presence of EuroLinux in the cloud makes the choice easier for customers preferring both cloud-native and hybrid solutions and for those who do not want to maintain their own IT infrastructure for various reasons.

Microsoft Azure is another cloud in which EuroLinux is present. Previously, it was made available to AWS and Google Cloud Platform clients. Now EuroLinux is available on the platforms of three cloud leaders, whose combined market share exceeds 60%.

Why use the cloud?

The undeniable advantage of the cloud is that it provides access to software from various devices, anywhere in the world. Due to the fact that the system does not operate on our physical infrastructure, it is independent of possible failures of our hardware. This improves security and ensures business continuity. This is of particular value when you do not have a sufficiently developed infrastructure or when the demand for resources changes rapidly several times a year. Solutions available in the cloud can be freely scaled, which reduces the cost of maintaining the environment.

How to use EuroLinux image in Microsoft Azure?

To create your own EuroLinux virtual machine, click Get It Now from the Azure Marketplace web-page (accepting the terms of service).

You will be redirected to the Azure portal where, after logging in, you will see the Create button. After pressing it, you will go to the Basics tab in the virtual machine settings menu.

It is worth paying special attention to the Administrator account section, in which the type of authentication can be selected and the user name is provided, which will be needed later while logging into the machine.

To complete the creation of a typical virtual machine, it is necessary to fill in the required fields in the Basics tab. Then go to Review + create and click the Create button.

A virtual machine will be created with all the resources needed for its proper functioning. To connect to it, you must point to it and use one of the connection possibilities (SSH, RDP, or Bastion) provided by Azure.

EuroLinux images on the Azure platform are available here:


The EuroLinux system, its updated images, as well as our other products will gradually appear in subsequent clouds. This is one of the priorities of our company. We are currently working on the introduction of EuroLinux at Polish public suppliers - the National Cloud Operator and Public Computing Clouds. We will inform you about the results on our blog.

In line with the Roadmap

Deploying EuroLinux in the Azure cloud is another completed point of our roadmap:

EuroLinux roadmap 2021 Q4

The current detailed development plan of EuroLinux is described in this article.