EuroLinux publicly available on Alibaba Cloud

EuroLinux publicly available on Alibaba Cloud

Free images of the EuroLinux operating system are available on yet another cloud platform – Alibaba Cloud. Their presence allows broader choice for customers who prefer to run software in the cloud, have hybrid environments or do not want to maintain their own IT infrastructure for various reasons.

Alibaba Cloud is yet another cloud platform on which EuroLinux can be used. We have previously made images available for use by customers on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Currently, EuroLinux is available on the 4 largest cloud platforms in the world, with a market share of over 70%.

Why are users keen on using the cloud?

First of all, using the cloud is convenient. Cloud servers are easily scalable. We can straightforwardly increase or decrease the size of our resources, and the changes are available virtually instantly. This affects our efficiency and ability to manage costs effectively. The cloud is particularly useful when we do not have a sufficiently developed infrastructure or our resource requirements change many times during the year. The cloud, by providing additional tools, improves security and guarantees business continuity.

How to use EuroLinux image on Alibaba Cloud?

To create a virtual machine with EuroLinux on the Alibaba Cloud platform, go to the Alibaba Cloud page, select a EuroLinux image, and then click Choose Your Plan. You will be redirected to the Alibaba Cloud console page. After logging in, configure the machine according to your needs.

The most important setting, besides the region and, of course, the type of the machine itself (Basic Configurations tab), is the key (Key Pair). With it, we will be able to log on to the created machine. The settings for the key can be found in the System Configuration tab.

After selecting all the settings and going to the Preview tab, read and accept the terms and conditions and create an instance by clicking Create Instance. Then we will see a popup with information about the correct creation of the instance. Now we can go directly to the console by clicking Console.

With the list of created instances in front of us, we can copy the publicly available IP address of the machine and use the ssh root@<IP_ADDRESS> command to log in to the freshly created EuroLinux instance.

EuroLinux with paid support will soon be available on Alibaba Cloud as an alternative to the Free version. This and our other products will gradually appear in more clouds. This is one of our company's priorities. We will write about our news on our blog, as always, and we encourage you to follow it.