EuroLinux – resistance to software supply-chain attack

EuroLinux – resistance to software supply-chain attack

The final step of a software project created for a client is its delivery and implementation. The delivery process should ensure confidentiality and security for the customer and be resistant to potential attacks. Today we will discuss how this process is accomplished by EuroLinux.

Modern software projects typically have code of ponderous size. In addition, they are usually in constant development, resulting in limited opportunities to audit them individually. In other words, for the most part, one must simply assume that the vendor will deliver quality software - originating directly from the vendor. Current market risks require an additional step to ensure that the delivered software comes from the vendor, is built based on the vendor's source code, and is not altered by a delivery mechanism.

EuroLinux and market realities

Stable versions

EuroLinux is an enterprise operating system based on the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® source code. As a result, it is stable, proven and fully compatible with RHEL®. The customer has an assurance that the final product is built on fixed version base components with security patches, guaranteeing predictable software behavior.

Updates with consent

Automatic updates should always take place with prior approval from the administrator. This allows the working environment to be prepared in advance for a possible moment of downtime during an update, and gives time to follow good practices, such as creating a backup. EuroLinux, as a system for professionals, is prepared to provide information about new, up-to-date packages, while their installation can only take place after the informed consent of the administrator.

EuroLinux Gaia

The company EuroLinux provides the highest standards of software production. However, a customer can expect that the product it uses as an update delivery mechanism is not only a high-quality solution, but also meets its own internal security standards. One defense mechanism against a supply-chain attack is to take the source code, audit it, and build software on top of it. However, this is a complex, time-consuming and complicated process. Few companies can afford a dedicated team that builds an operating system from scratch along with a prior analysis of the source code.

With the EuroLinux Gaia tool, the customer can compile the EuroLinux operating system from source files themselves, also in their own infrastructure. This gives them the highest level of confidence in the software and at the same time the experience of maximum security. EuroLinux Gaia also allows customization of the product and the ability to create your own dedicated distribution (fork). This is a breakthrough functionality on the market.

As part of the EuroLinux Gaia tool, the customer receives:

  • software comparison system with test oracle
  • Battery Repositories, which are packages not included in the distribution, necessary for building it
  • internal EuroLinux Gaia documentation for building the system
  • direct support (on-site, telephone, e-mail) from a EuroLinux Release Engineer


EuroLinux, as a leader in developing and supporting high quality Open Source products, addresses issues related to secure software delivery mechanism by guaranteeing stable versions of the product. The update process starts only when initiated by the administrator. Moreover, for the most demanding customers EuroLinux provides a mechanism to build binary packages from source directly in the customer's infrastructure.