EuroLinux System Roadmap for Q4 2022

EuroLinux Roadmap

We are publishing the current roadmap of the EuroLinux operating system. These are our development plans and related activities. In accordance with our strategy of transparency, we inform in advance about the planned work.

We create our roadmaps according to a template:

  • points realized in previous quarter
  • plans for the current quarter
  • plans for the future quarter
  • general plans for the future.

The current roadmap has been developed with our partners and customers. Some of the points included in it are the result of pilot projects that we are already making available or will soon make available to the open source community.

EuroLinux roadmap

 Discussion of roadmap items for Q4

Rebel Repository

Rebel Repository is an RPM package repository that contains community packages for Enterprise Linux 9 systems, such as packages that enhance system capabilities, add administrative tools or alternative desktop environments. 

The goal of the Rebel repository is to remove restrictions on developers who want to add packages to repositories and to set a new standard in creating repositories from the community for the community.

EuroMan 2.0 Beta

EuroMan is a tool for managing Enterprise Linux operating systems. It helps configure and update systems and maintain their smooth operation and security in compliance with various organization standards. It allows distributing software on a customer's local infrastructure, granting permissions to system users or creating limits on the use of repositories. In Q4, we will continue the work started in the previous quarter.

Open Hardware Certification GA

Hardware certification by an operating system manufacturer is a guarantee that the system will work correctly on a given hardware. Lists of certified hardware make it easier to purchase, upgrade and replace a hardware platform while maintaining software compatibility. They are also useful when you want to check whether the hardware you are using will work with a particular version of EuroLinux. In Q4, we plan to release public repositories with documentation and instructions that will allow you to easily check whether EuroLinux will run on a particular hardware.

Extended support for CentOS 6 & RHEL 6 (EuroELS)

EuroELS is an ideal solution for organizations with Enterprise Linux 6 family systems in their infrastructure, such as CentOS 6, Oracle Linux 6 or RHEL 6. It allows to extend the lifecycle of these systems through additional updates and security patches. In this way, we can provide time to migrate to newer versions and archive old environments.

EuroLinux Desktop enhancements

After the successful and high-profile launch of EuroLinux Desktop, we have gathered a lot of positive feedback. We paid special attention to the improvements suggested by users and the community. Some of them we are already implementing into the system. Others require more time to develop concepts and refine the open source design for the life cycle of EuroLinux Desktop (recall that the system will be supported for 10 years). In Q4 2022, we intend to release further enhancements to EuroLinux Desktop, including a default email program, better support for Samba including Samba as Domain Controller, and more.

Gaia 3.0 beta

EuroLinux Gaia enables self-compilation of the operating system from sources in the customer's own infrastructure. The product is dedicated to organizations that care about the highest level of software delivery security. It allows customization of the system, as well as the creation of its own dedicated distribution. In Q4, we are planning a wide deployment of Gaia 3.0 beta version. The beta version will automatically become the GA version after the upgrade.

The future

The next roadmap will be published in late December/early January.

In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our company blog, where we will keep you updated on our progress.