EuroSSO 7.5.0 (KeyCloak™ 15.0.2 ) – important changes for administrators

EuroSSO 7.5.0

In September 2021, we released a new version of EuroSSO - 7.5.0. It introduces a number of improvements and fixes. In this article we'll show you a few of them. EuroSSO is a product based on the KeyCloak™ project.

EuroSSO implements the single sign-on function that enables authorization in multiple applications with a single pair of login keys. Version 7.5.0 introduces new functionalities and improves the existing ones. Selected changes are described below.

Refreshing the Account Management panel

The first new aspect that stands out is the refreshed look of the account management panel.


Additionally, there have been introduced some minor changes to the appearance, but we will leave them for users to discover 😉

Ability to delete own account

From version 7.5.0, the administrator has the ability to authorize users to delete their own accounts. The user can do it using the Delete Account action, which can be found in the administration console.

OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 – client session timeout

As a standard, an SSO session lasts from a few days to several months. However, for security reasons, the session timeout for individual users should be shorter. The new version adds the ability to configure the session duration for individual users. You can also configure a default time for all clients belonging to the same realm.

Identity brokering sync-mode

Identity Broker is an intermediary service that is responsible for connecting multiple service providers to different Identity Providers. Thanks to the Identity brokering sync-mode option, we can manage profile updates. It allows you to set an update when you log in for the first time or every time you access an external Identity Provider.

Additional improvements

  • Support for Application Initiated Actions in the Java Script adapter.
  • Support for AES 192 and AES 256 algorithms.
  • Granting OAuth2 Client Credentials without having to refresh the token and user session.
  • Possibility to configure the maximum number of active sessions. By default, the value of active sessions (tabs in the browser) is set to 300.
  • Performance improvement (mainly when downloading resources).


As you can see, EuroSSO in the new version 7.5.0 is not only a refreshed look. The solution has also received a number of improvements to facilitate the work of administrators.