Middleware – how to patch EuroAP Application Server?

Middleware jak patchować serwer aplikacji

Today, we'll take a look at patching our middleware product – EuroAP Application Server (and equivalent JBoss® EAP). We will do it in two ways – using Administration Console (GUI) and JBoss® CLI.

The process of software development never ends after releasing it to real users. While using any applications, users could find bugs, which developers and testers didn't catch during the development process. Also, they may need some new features, which architects didn't predict. Programmers usually fix bugs and add new features - but it comes with releasing new software versions. It's important to know that it is recommended to always have the newest version of any product. It's because of features, fixed bugs and security.

In this case, we will upgrade the application server from version 7.3.0, to 7.3.8. It's important that we be able to apply our patch to any version that complies with 7.3.* pattern.

EuroAP-7.3.8.patch.zip works as in table below:


Base version Target version
7.3.0 -> 7.3.8
7.3.1 -> 7.3.8
7.3.2 -> 7.3.8
7.3.3 -> 7.3.8
7.3.4 -> 7.3.8
7.3.5 -> 7.3.8
7.3.6 -> 7.3.8
7.3.7 -> 7.3.8

Patch using Administration Console

Our patch is just one file in *.zip format. More precisely, in this case it's EuroAP-7.3.8.patch.zip. To apply the patch via GUI, our EuroAP instance has to be up and running. After starting the server, we could access our Administration Console - by default it's available here: localhost:9990. Before upgrading, let's make sure that we're working on EuroAP version 7.3.0. We can check it, by clicking on HAL version in the bottom right corner (3.2.8.Final). Now we can see:

Middleware – jak patchować serwer aplikacji

The version is 7.3.0.GA, so we could start with our upgrade.

1. Go to Patching section:

Middleware – jak patchować serwer aplikacji

2. Click Add Patch:

Middleware – jak patchować serwer aplikacji

3. In the next step, upload patch:

Middleware – jak patchować serwer aplikacji

4. The last stage is configuration. By clicking Help, we can see a description of available options. You could fill/select what you need. In our case, let's leave them as default.

Middleware – jak patchować serwer aplikacji

5. After clicking Finish we should get results with success status. Now we have to restart the server (it's required).

We can check the version of the application server now the same way as last time. As we can see, the patch applied successfully.

Hint! If you still see the old version after patching and server restart, you have to clear cache in your web browser. You could also force cache clear during the page refresh – in Google Chrome it's Ctrl+Shift+R shortcut.

Middleware – jak patchować serwer aplikacji

In Patching section we can see and manage our patches.

Middleware – jak patchować serwer aplikacji

Patch using JBoss® CLI

Alternatively we can upgrade EuroAP using terminal and JBoss® CLI. Let's take a look step by step on how to do that.

1. If our server is up and running - connect to JBoss® CLI using the command:

$EURO_AP_HOME/bin/jboss-cli.sh -c

Hint: If your Administration Console is available on different address and port than default, you have to add --controller parameter:

$EURO_AP_HOME/bin/jboss-cli.sh -c --controller=

2. Then we can apply patch using command:

[[email protected]:9990 /] patch apply <location-of-patch>

For example:

[[email protected]:9990 /] patch apply ./EuroAP-7.3.8.patch.zip

The above command will apply the patch using default configuration. Of course we are able to change the parameters as in GUI. When typing a command, click TAB on your keyboard and CLI will show you parameters which you can use:

[[email protected]:9990 /] patch apply ./EuroAP-7.3.8.patch.zip --
--bundle-path=      --override-modules  --preserve=         
--override-all      --override=

After that, we should see result:

    "outcome" : "success",
    "response-headers" : {
        "operation-requires-restart" : true,
        "process-state" : "restart-required"

Let's check current version:

[[email protected]:9990 /] version
Release: 10.1.21.Final-redhat-00001
Product: EuroAP 7.3.8.GA

Done 🙂


As you can see, upgrading EuroAP is really easy – both using Administration Console and JBoss® CLI. Moreover, we could configure our patch process and manage them using the Patching section in GUI. We hope that this short guide was useful.

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