New Vagrant Boxes for VMWare provider

As part of our commitment to building necessary tools and trust among development and maintenance team, we are constantly looking for new ways to offer our products and services.

It's worth noticing that as a company we treat any Enterprise Linux on par with EuroLinux. What more we offer support and maintenance for every Enterprise Linux systems. In our portfolio, you can find a product called EuroES - EuroLinux Extended Support for Enterprise-class Linux.

This company philosophy was reflected in last weeks of ours work, after some of our engineers modernized VMWare based solution they decided that it's a good idea to distribute new virtual machine images (especially Vagrant Boxes) tailored to VMWare Workstation™. These images are suitable for further use in other products this well-known company.

EuroLinux Vagrant Boxes are:

  • regularly and automatically rebuilt to the latest version of the system and its updates
  • have QA process (used both during development and separately for testing shared versions)
  • freely available on Vagrant cloud platform (
  • they have meaningful versioning, tagging (ex. 8.2.1, 7.8.3)
  • have an open repository where you can submit a request for change, as well any inconvenience/bug in cloud images (

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As always, we encourage you to check our solution and submit your needs :). We appreciate every valuable feedback! Our technical team loves to listen to the opinions and needs of people that work with our, and similar other vendors software. These opinions give us a chance to improve and react appropriately.