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Vagrant is one of the most popular tools in the world of DevOps. Allows you to instantly create and manage virtual machines or containers that come from a pre-set pattern (box). This approach does not require a long and wearisome installation of the system.

Docker for Linux part I – basic commands

23.07.2019 / Linux
Docker w linuksie
We are launching a new series of articles, this time dedicated to Docker. Today we will discuss the simplest commands related to it. We will start with installation and configuration, then we will move to adding the user to the group and importing the container image. Finally, we will list and destroy the container with the images.

The basics of containerization – how containers work in Linux

04.06.2019 / Linux
This article was created to familiarize readers with the issue of containerization. Apart from discussing the most important concepts, I will also present a historical outline. This will allow you to understand that containers, contrary to appearances, are not a new technology. Their present shape is a derivative of an idea that has literally evolved through generations of enthusiasts and creators of operating systems.

What is Linux?

01.08.2016 / Linux
Linux is a family of UNIX-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel. This system is an example of free and open source software (FLOSS). Its source code can be used, modified, ...