Public release of EuroLinux 8.3 beta

EuroLinux 8 beta

Today we have released to the public the beta version of EuroLinux 8.3. This is a test version of the software. Its release is the effect of few months of hard work of the EuroLinux team. During production, we created new build systems and extended QA procedures for this product.

Our mission is to create not only the best, according to the market standard, Enterprise Linux but also to add to it some key technological advantages and features. They constitute an added value in relation to other vendors while maintaining full compatibility with the upstream.

The beta release is an essential step in the development of the software, but it does not hold back further goals and projects. There is a lot of work ahead of us in the very near future, the results of which will be made available soon - more information in our roadmap below.

Below you will find installation ISOs:

Questions and answers

What does beta mean?

A beta version is usually a test version available for testing outside an organization. In the case of EuroLinux 8.3, the system is ready for user testing, and we want to make it available to you. Notably, the systems responsible for building and testing it are already 100% automated and repeatable.

Should I install this version in production?

The version is mainly for testing and should not be installed in production environments.

Can EuroLinux beta be used without any restrictions?

Yes. However, it is not directly supported by EuroLinux.

Will the beta version automatically become the production version?

Like any installable version of EuroLinux, the beta version has access to the certify repository, which is a frozen version of the repository used to certify software. When the final version is released, this repository will be updated so that the beta release should become a full product after the update. However, EuroLinux does not guarantee a seamless transition from beta to GA, as this is not our priority. In addition, using beta versions of software in production environments is not a good practice.

Known limitations

  • Modules related to perl 5.24 and perl 5.30 are not included in this release
  • selected i686 packages are not included in this release
  • gcc-toolset packages are not included in this version
  • some other less important packages may be included in the final version.

Where to report bugs?

Our customers can report bugs through the standard channels:

Bugs can also be reported in the public GitHub repository under Issues -> New issue -> Bug Report:

EuroLinux Distro Bug Report and RFC repository

Where to submit ideas and requests for change?

Ideas for improvements to the distribution can be submitted to the public repository on GitHub, under Issues -> New issue -> Package/Feature Request:

EuroLinux Distro Bug Report and RFC repository


The overall EuroLinux roadmap is as follows:

  • 06-2021 Full 8.3 release
  • 06-2021 Release of 8.4 beta
  • 07-2021 Full 8.4 release
  • 07-2021 With the release of 8.4, additions to the system will be released, including HA
  • 09-2021 Releasing the mechanism of recompiling the system from sources for selected customers
  • 11-2021 Release of 8.5 beta version
  • 12-2021 Releasing the full version 8.5
  • Q1-2022 Release of 9.0 beta.