EuroLinux 8.8 released

EuroLinux 8.8
On May 17, 2023, we released EuroLinux version 8.8. It retains compatibility with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.8. Among others, several packages have been updated, such as: Git 2.39.1, Git LFS 3.2.0, Valgrind 3.19, SystemTap 4.8, Dyninst 12.1.0, Elfutils 0.188, PCP 5.3.7, Grafana 7.5.15, GCC Toolset 12, LLVM Toolset 15, Rust Toolset 1.66, GoToolset 1.19.4.

EuroLinux 9.2 released

aEuroLinux 9.2
On May 11, 2023, we released version 9.2 of the EuroLinux operating system. It maintains compatibility with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 9.2. EuroLinux 9.2 repositories have been expanded to include Python 3.11, Nginx 1.22, PostgreSQL 15, new versions of Performance Co-Pilot, updated toolsets: Rust v1.66, Go v1.19 and LLVM v15.

EuroLinux 8.8 beta released

EuroLinux 8.8 beta
we released EuroLinux version 8.8 beta. Version 8.8 beta includes new versions of developer software (LLVM 15, Rust 1.66, Go 1.19), SELinux policies update, kernel version 4.18.0-477, updates to containerization and virtualization tools. EuroLinux 8.8 beta also provides new software – the modules postgresql:15, nginx:1.22, jaxb:4 or swig:4.1.

Cockpit in EuroLinux 9

01.03.2023 Linux eurolinux
Cockpit w EuroLinux 9
Imagine how great it would be if, in order to configure a new Linux server, you don't have to memorize and issue commands. There is a dedicated tool for this – Cockpit. In this article we will show you how to install it and tell you about its features.

Automatic upgrade of EuroLinux 7 to EuroLinux 8

28.12.2022 Linux eurolinux
Automatic upgrade of EuroLinux 7 to EuroLinux 8
EuroLinux 7 is supported until July 31, 2024. However, many companies and organizations are already thinking about upgrading the versions of their systems, so as not to miss this deadline and risk losing support. A big help for our customers is the EuroLinux AutoELevate solution – a script that automates an upgrade to EuroLinux 8 – a version supported until June 30, 2029.

EuroLinux 8.7 released

EuroLinux 8.7
We released version 8.7 of the EuroLinux operating system. It is compatible with the latest upstream version. This release focuses on updating containerization solutions and enhancing system security. Among other things, NSS database support for RSA keys below 1023-bit has been removed and the SCAP Security Guide rules have been updated. Popular compiler stacks for C/C++, Go and Rust languages have also been updated.

How to create a EuroLinux mirror?

09.11.2022 Linux eurolinux
EuroLinux mirroring
A mirror is a duplicate of the original resource, an identical version of it. Mirrors are extremely important to ensure higher availability in case of heavy load, the need to create copies in your own IT resources or to reduce the risk of not being able to access the original data. In this article, we will show how to make a public mirror of a EuroLinux system.

EuroLinux 9 – groundbreaking changes

EuroLinux 9
EuroLinux 9 is designed to meet the needs of a hybrid cloud environment. Therefore, it can run code efficiently, whether it is deployed on physical infrastructure, in a virtual machine or in containers. Today we will take a closer look at the important changes it brings with regard to the previous release.

EuroLinux 8.7 beta released

EuroLinux 8.7 beta
On the 12th of October, we released the EuroLinux 8.7 beta version. It is compatible with the latest version of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.7 beta. It allows you to test technical innovations and compatibility with the upcoming EuroLinux 8.7. EuroLinux 8.7 beta is the fastest released clone of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.7 beta.

Arduino IDE in EuroLinux 9 Desktop – server room monitoring

Arduino IDE w EuroLinux 9 Desktop
Arduino is an Open Source platform used to build electronic projects. It consists of a programmable board/microcontroller and the IDE software, which is used to write and upload code to the board. In this article, using the Arduino IDE running on EuroLinux Desktop, we will create a simple program to monitor our server room.

Virtualization in EuroLinux 9 – what’s new?

08.08.2022 Linux eurolinux
Virtualization in EuroLinux 9
EuroLinux 9 as a new release introduces a number of changes to virtualization and related tools. Many components have been replaced with more modern counterparts that improve performance and introduce new features. Today we will take a closer look at these changes.