EuroLinux 8.4 released

EuroLinux 8.4
On August 16, 2021 we released version 8.4 of the EuroLinux operating system. It adds a few important technology highlights. The new release is compatible with the latest version of RHEL. As we already indicated, EuroLinux 8 is a distribution based directly on the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® system source code.

EuroLinux 8.3 available – ground-breaking changes to the business model

EuroLinux 8 stable release
On June 24th, 2021, we released the production version of EuroLinux 8.3 operating system. This is an important step in the development of our company's offer, because for the first time, in addition to the current commercial Open Source model, we have also made the EuroLinux system available for free in the Open Core model. Version 8.3 is based directly on the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® source code, which ensures compatibility with this system.

Public release of EuroLinux 8.3 beta

EuroLinux 8 beta
Today we have released to the public the beta version of EuroLinux 8.3. This is a test version of the software. Its release is the effect of few months of hard work of the EuroLinux team. During production, we created new build systems and extended QA procedures for this product.

EuroLinux 7.9 is released!

EuroLinux 7.9
EuroLinux version 7.9 was released on November 3rd. This version is a milestone in the development of Enterprise Linux as it entered the second phase of support. In this phase, EuroLinux is still fully supported, but the number of updates is narrowed to essential packages and software patches. What changes does this released bring?

Modules, streams and profiles in EuroLinux 8 distribution

EuroLinux 8
The EuroLinux repository from version 8 in addition to individual RPM packages introduces new modular functionality. A typical module includes application packages, packages with application-specific dependency libraries, documentation packages, and packages with supporting tools. This feature is characteristic of all Linux systems in the Enterprise family, which includes, among others, distributions of Red Hat®, Oracle®, CentOS and naturally EuroLinux itself. Thanks to streams, modules provide the ability to separate the operating system life cycle from the life cycle of the applications used.

Public vagrant images from EuroLinux

Vagrant EuroLinux
Vagrant is one of the most popular tools in the world of DevOps. Allows you to instantly create and manage virtual machines or containers that come from a pre-set pattern (box). This approach does not require a long and wearisome installation of the system.