EuroLinux Sp. z o.o. is a company with a Europe-wide range. It was founded by people, who originally formed the Open Source market in Central Europe. They have extensive experience and a unique knowledge of the systems. Establishment of the Company was the natural response to the needs reported by end users and partners due to the inflexibility of some corporations providing Open Source software. The problems included: the lack of their tailoring to the conditions and requirements of local markets, especially when regarding support.

The development and support teams consist of specialists with many years of practical experience. Their theoretical knowledge is accredited by numerous certificates. This knowledge and experience in combination with modern methods of software development, guarantee high quality products and reliable user support.

Thanks to the long-standing practice of our business team, our knowledge of the market and the requirements of our users and partners, we provide a professional service at every stage of the project.

"By creating cutting-edge software based on the best source code, we are simultaneously close to partners and users. We listen to them, support them and grant them the best possible use of existing solutions and resources."

– Jerzy Baranowski CEO EuroLinux Sp. z o.o.