Our company's vision statement: Let's create an open, collaborative world. The world driven by the philosophy of Open Source will become free. Cooperation of community and society, supported by voluntary donations, will change the existing business models.

The company's mission: Creating and supporting high-quality products based on popular and important Open Source projects. Building an attractive, alternative market offer.

EuroLinux Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company founded by people who have been creating the Open Source market in the Central Europe region, have been participating in it for many years, and know and understand perfectly the principles of its operation. The establishment of the company was a natural response to the needs reported by end users and partners due to the lack of flexibility of corporations providing Open Source software and the mismatch between their offer, especially support, and the conditions and requirements of local markets.

The development and support team consists of specialists with many years of practical and theoretical experience and knowledge confirmed by numerous certificates. Combined with modern software development methods, they guarantee high-quality products and reliable user support.

Thanks to many years of practice of the business team, knowledge of the market and the requirements of our users and partners, we are able to provide professional service at every stage of the project.

'While creating software based on the best source code, we are also close to partners and users to listen to them, and then support and enable them the optimal use of our solutions and resources.’

- Jerzy Baranowski CEO of EuroLinux Sp. z o.o.