The beginning of the journey

EuroLinux Sp. z o. o. is a company founded by people who have been creating the Open Source market in the Central Europe (2006), have been participating in it for many years and know and understand the principles of its operation perfectly. We were well aware of the needs of end users and organizations. They expected greater flexibility, better support, simple licensing and adaptation of service conditions to the local market's possibilities. So we created a new brand - EuroLinux named from our love of Linux, the same name was given to our first flagship product EuroLinux - a complete server distribution built with real concern for the users.

Open Source Day

As Open Source enthusiasts, we started to share our knowledge, news and experience in the area of implementation, confirming the great potential of solutions based on free licenses. This is how the idea of the Open Source Day conferences was born in Poland (2008). For 8 years, we acted as a co-organizer, the event was supported by companies such as: IBM, Red Hat, SUSE, EnterpriseDB, Docker, Microsoft, Puppet, Zabbix, Fujitsu and others. We had also gained support from the national authorities, i.e. the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education and even the European Commission. The idea of Open Source Day enjoys great popularity and enthusiasm until today.

Creating the products

Open Source is a team effort that cannot exist without community. Sharing insights and ideas and community software development stimulate creative, scientific and technical progress in areas such as education, public administration, health and manufacturing. Open Source is not only software but also a passion and philosophy of life. It is made up of people from all over the world. Our task is to choose the best and most stable solutions and then provide them with a long life cycle and support that will provide our clients with modern and safe technological facilities.

Company Timeline

2013 XII
Foundation of EuroLinux. The company's goal is to create and support Open Source solutions.
2015 II
The release of the official version of the EuroLinux distribution marked with numbers 6 and 7.
2016 IV
EuroLinux support for RHEL systems.
2017 I
We have released the first version of EuroDB - a PostgreSQL compatible database.
2017 V
In addition to RHEL, Oracle and CentOS join the list of supported distributions.
2018 VIII
The company's portfolio is supplemented by the Java application server - EuroAP.
2019 VII
IBM acquires Red Hat. Market concerns about RHEL's future prices are growing due to the strong position of IBM and the many unknowns that this change will bring.
2019 IX
We have released free EuroLinux container images, the so-called Free Base Image (Docker, Vagrant, more platforms will follow soon).
2020 VIII
Collaboration with SUSE, as a result of which EuroDB joins the certified database engines in SUSE Enterprise Linux Server.
2020 X
Our offer includes another 2 products: EuroTower and EuroIQ. We are starting to appear in popular cloud services (EuroDB in AWS Marketplace, soon also EuroLinux).
2020 XII
Red Hat decides to end support for CentOS in its current form. Discussions in the Linux community are reaching a boiling hot level. Soon there will be a large gap after CentOS that offers an opportunity for alternative solutions such as EuroLinux. Thank you RH ;)
2021 II
We expanded the technological stack with EuroSSO (Single Sign-On in tandem with EuroAP).
2021 VI
EuroLinux is also becoming available as a free version. At the same time, we are releasing EuroLinux 8, which has its own modern build system (module compatibility, repeatable compilation, EuroLinux Beast / Gaia).
2021 VIII
Publicly open buildroot for EuroLinux (devel packages). EuroLinux is one of the few systems that has development packages needed for compilation.
2021 X
Our migration scripts (for EuroLinux) are able to fully replace system packages with product rebranding at the same time.
2021 XI
We have obtained the ISO / IEC 27001 Certificate (Information Security Management System).
2022 IX
We have released EuroLinux 9 Desktop, an operating system designed for office workstations.