The values we follow are embodied in our slogan.

True product · Real support · Fair price

How do we understand each of its elements?

True product

The EuroLinux product stack is built on proven, well-known and widely used Open Source projects. Thanks to that, we are creating Enterprise-grade software for the most demanding environments, providing stability and security. We provide and support complete, ready to use products that include modules extending their basic capabilities as a standard.

Real support

Our support department consists of specialists with the highest certifications and practical knowledge needed for professional customer service. The foundation of "real support" is facilitated direct access to engineers and architects as the customer bypasses automated hotlines. This is a value unavailable from other manufacturers.

Fair price

The "fair price" principle has many elements. One of them is the business model which is flexible and open for negotiations. We make sure that licensing terms are simple and beneficial for customers. The price of our products does not depend on the number of processors in the machine. We also do not introduce license restrictions as to the number of virtual machines that run on a physical server. We support the "no vendor lock-in" principle, i.e. we do not make our customers dependent on our solutions, but allow them to freely choose their support and software providers. An important element of "fair price" is also the price enabling the customer to significantly reduce costs related to the infrastructure maintenance.