EuroAP is an enterprise class application server

Euro Application Platform is a modern, efficient, fast and highly flexible application server. It is based on the Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform source code, an established and widely used technology that is continually evolving based on open source projects.

EuroAP allows users to connect seamlessly with the backend, while facilitating the work of developers. The user can begin use straight from installation of the application on the application server. The client can send a request to the application, for example via a browser, and the application server will launch the application logic and reply to the client. The entire operation takes place on a server belonging to the organization that provides the application.

In addition, the server application provides a rich set of components, enabling to separate business logic from sites providing services such as security, transaction management, scalability or access to databases. Developers can delegate these tasks to EuroAP and focus on providing a unique value to their clients. In addition, the powerful CLI interface makes it easy to automate any operation.

EuroAP offers full support for Java™ EE and ease of implementation regardless of the user environment. It is perfect for physical machines, virtual environments, as well as private and hybrid cloud-based operations.

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