About EuroDB PostgreSQL in Cloud

EuroDB is an enterprise-ready database based on proven Open Source PostgreSQL technology. Now made available in AWS Marketplace for quick & easy deployments in leading cloud services providers.

To suit the needs of any modern IT departments it has been carefully prepared in form of three separate Amazon Machine Images, catering to different operational needs.

EuroDB Database Image (PostgreSQL 12)

The first EuroDB image contains PostgreSQL database engine with a logical replication module. It ships the bare minimum you want to have to effectively manage your data in the cloud environment. You can quickly start using the database, as well as move data from older major releases via a trigger-less logical replication module. Interested? Check out EuroDB Basic Database Image in the AWS Marketplace!

PostgreSQL 12 with updates for Enterprise (EuroDB) on CentOS 7

Analytics Tools for EuroDB/PostgreSQL

This image contains the parts of the EuroDB platform that supply the information about the health of your database clusters – it bundles together the modules for the analysis of internal database statistics & transaction logs. That information is presented in an aggregated graphical form allowing for spotting performance problems that may happen during the life cycle of the database. Ready to deploy? Check out EuroDB Analytics Tools in the AWS Marketplace!

available soon

Developers Tools for EuroDB/PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Developer Tools image containing modules allowing to manipulate data intended for use with the EuroDB database. It contains EuroDB modules providing tools for quick random data generation useful for stress-testing of applications, migration of data from other database engines to EuroDB, managing backup & recovery for PostgreSQL compatible databases.
Sounds good? Check out our Developers Tools for Postgres/EuroDB in the AWS Marketplace!

available soon