From October 2020, the EuroDB database platform has been available to the public in the AWS™ Marketplace.
In order to provide our clients with the possibility of using solutions in accordance with modern IT standards, we have divided EuroDB into 3 independent AMI images (Amazon® Machine Images), which can be used depending on individual needs.

The first, basic one contains PostgreSQL with the logical replication module. The second image is a package of modules designed for analytical tasks and is especially valuable, e.g. for administrators. The third contains tools useful for developers.

The products included in the images we offer are unique in the AWS™ Marketplace and are intended for PostgreSQL (EuroDB) database. As a producer, we take care of their updates and security fixes and provide technical support for each of the products listed below. We also offer the opportunity to test each of the delivered images as part of a free trial period.

EuroDB Database Image (PostgreSQL 12)

The base EuroDB image includes PostgreSQL version 12 database engine with logical replication module. It enables the dispersion of physical copies of databases, or elements selected from them, among different instances or data centers. This module also enables (in trigger-less mode) data migration from older PostgreSQL versions.

PostgreSQL 12 with updates for Enterprise (EuroDB) on CentOS 7

Analytics Tools for EuroDB/PostgreSQL

This image contains two analytical modules of the EuroDB platform that provide information about the health of the database - a log analysis module and a statistics analysis module. This information is presented in an aggregated form in graphical interfaces accessible from the browser level (the image also contains a web server). This kit is the perfect solution for convenient and automated database status review and detecting anomalies or fault diagnosis. It can also be a component of the database security architecture. These tools represent a unique value in AWS™ Marketplace.

Analytics Tools for PostgreSQL With Updates (EuroDB) on CentOS 7

Developers Tools for EuroDB/PostgreSQL

This image consists of three EuroDB modules providing tools for: random data generation (the ability to test the application when the database is full and penetration testing), data migration from other database engines to PostgreSQL, and creating and management of data backups and data recovery.

PostgreSQL Developers Tools with updates (EuroDB) on CentOS 7