A majority of applications allows the use of various database engines. In the case that some decisions on the selection of the engine were made on the basis of bad premises or requirements towards the application itself changed; the ability to migrate data along with their structure to an Enterprise class engine is a natural solution to the problem. This also applies to cases of migration from solutions which are expensive to maintain, hence obtaining a cost-optimal solution.

EuroDB is equipped with tools to transfer data from another database engine to EuroDB. Nowadays, most applications are based on frameworks that use the database abstraction layer. This allows for seamless switching of the database engine after data migration to PostgreSQL or EuroDB.

The mechanism of migration in EuroDB is based on JDBC. MS® Access is also supported as a data source. Using the tool, it is possible to transfer the schema, keys, constraints and data from MSSQL®, Oracle®, MySQL®, MariaDB® databases to EuroDB. In order to use modules that are an integral part of EuroDB and to obtain technical support, it is also possible to migrate from older versions of PostgreSQL.

It should be noted that migration is not always an easy process, and in extreme cases can be difficult and costly. This depends on the extent to which specific source engine mechanisms are used.

Example of a tool application:

System development

The company uses an application based on the MySQL® engine, which was created for the internal needs of the company. As a result of the changes in operations, the application has dramatically increased its role in the company, at the same time becoming critical. Therefore, a decision was made to move this application to a high-availability architecture based on the EuroDB cluster. Data and schema were migrated using a dedicated module, and the change in the application itself were limited to changing the engine type in the configuration and address of the database host.

Cost optimisation

The company decided to migrate its Java™ EE application from the Oracle® database to EuroDB. This migration also takes place automatically using the provided tool, and the changes in the application apply only to the configuration of EclipseLink. This enables to abandon Oracle® database in favour of EuroDB, significantly reducing the cost of system maintenance.