EuroDB is fully compatible with PostgreSQL 14.1, 13.3, 12.4 and 11.9. Migration from the native implementation of this engine does not require any changes to the applications. Possible changes are simple, optional, and they aim to improve the use of the additional capabilities of EuroDB.

The following table includes some features which illustrate the difference in the capabilities of the engine used in the EuroDB compared to the native PostgreSQL implementation available in Red Hat®, Oracle® Linux, CentOS, and Scientific Linux.

Feature RHEL/CentOS/SL/OL EuroDB
Maximum BLOB size 2GB 4TB
Modification of cluster configuration parameters
using a query (ALTER SYSTEM)
no yes
Checksums of data files no yes
Materialized views no yes
Support for partitioning no yes
JIT compilation of queries no yes
Efficiency of GIN indices low high
Size of GIN indices large small
Modification of the login type for the table
no yes
Private background processes no yes
Dynamic background processes no yes
Inheritance from foreign tables no yes
Aggregation of data based on grouping sets
no yes
Schema import from a foreign server no yes
Enhanced JSON/JSONB support no yes
Support for the LATERAL option
(access to the value of sub-queries in the parent query)
no yes
Refreshing materialized views no yes
Setting the minimum and maximum WAL size
(instead of the number of files)
no yes
Parallel pg_dump (multithreaded) no yes
Replication slots no yes
Support for conflict-free, no-key column updates
no yes
Cascade replication no yes
Anonymous shared memory no yes
Fixed delay in replicas no yes
Modifiable simple views (UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE) no yes
Row numbering (WITH ORDINALITY) no yes
Modifiable references to foreign databases
(Writable Foreign Data Wrapper)
no yes
Abbreviated indices no yes
pg_basebackup bandwidth control no yes
BRIN indices no yes
Parallel database cleaning (VACUUM) no yes
Support for cold database start (pg_prewarm) no yes
Reduced blocking level for table modifications no yes
Table sampling (TABLESAMPLE) no yes
Skipping blocked rows no yes
Support for Kerberos 5 no yes
Filter handling on aggregated results no yes
Data transformation support (TRANSFORM) no yes
pg_rewind (restoring cluster nodes after failover) no yes
Support for regular expressions in trigram indexes no yes
Access to a readable WAL dump no yes
Support for defining partitions with primary keys, foreign keys, indices and triggers no yes
Default partition for partitioned tables no yes
Creating partitions using the so-called hash partitioning no yes
Automatic transfer of rows between partitions in case of a key change no yes