Data, the most important company resource, is maintained in databases. We understand our clients' need for security. That is why we offer and provide real support for PostgreSQL - one of the best database engines and for the modules attached to it in EuroDB.

Advantages of EuroDB support:

  • competent technical resources from the first line of support
  • support at the planning stage of products or services based on EuroDB
  • experience in scalability, performance analysis and EuroDB database tuning
  • proactive continuous care, including monitoring of the environment and making recommendations
  • dedicated customer service team, including personalized support
  • on-site customer support where required
  • technical assistance provided in Polish and English.

EuroDB life cycle

The EuroDB life cycle is the same as that of PostgreSQL. The expiry dates of support are presented in the table below.

EuroDB version Life cycle
EuroDB 14 12 December 2026
EuroDB 13 13 December 2025
EuroDB 12 14 December 2024
EuroDB 11 9 December 2023

For more information on EuroLinux support levels and technical assistance, please see the dedicated tabs of our site: Support Levels, Technical Assistance.

Technical support for community PostgreSQL

We also offer professional technical support for the PostgreSQL community version in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

We provide support and knowledge regardless the stage of database development. From planning and configuration to development and maintenance, including incident and fault handling in production environments.

The conditions and quality of support for PostgreSQL engine are analogous to EuroDB support.

PostgreSQL in the cloud

Cloud DBA Support is a support service for PostgreSQL databases in cloud platforms. It includes, among other things, optimization, monitoring, management and maintenance of PostgreSQL databases in these environments. This service is of particular interest to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.