Data, in addition to human capital, is the most important enterprise resource. Their quantity is constantly increasing. Along with this process, the complexity of data storage, security and access increases. EuroDB is the answer to these challenges and the users growing needs.

  • Relational databases (OLTP)
  • Smaller data warehouses (OLAP)
  • Modern distributed relational systems
  • Data storage in schemaless structures (JSON, HSTORE)

Due to its versatility, EuroDB will find its place in every company that focuses on stability, modernity and security.

  • Transactional system of a large e-commerce platform
  • Business analytics system for the abovementioned platform
  • Distributed backend system for a mobile application
  • High-availability system for controlling industrial automation
  • and much more.

Do you want to see what benefits EuroDB will bring you? Contact us – eurodb {at}