EuroDB is PostgreSQL bundled with a number of modular tools

The central component of EuroDB is the proven PostgreSQL database engine. Our product includes all the available modules as standard. The modules expand the capabilities, improving the management, analysis and security of the database. The entire product benefits from available personalised phone, e-mail and Internet technical support.

EuroDB modules significantly expand the capabilities of the engine beyond those available in standard PostgreSQL. The integrity of the system is ensured through an installer enabling the installation and usage of individual modules. Any modules can be installed throughout the subscription of the product.

EuroDB consists of the following elements:

  • PostgreSQL engine in 11.4, 10.9, 9.6 or 9.5 versions
  • Log analysis module
  • Collection and analysis of statistics module
  • Database design and modelling module
  • Logical replication module
  • Backup and recovery module
  • Data generation module
  • Data migration module.

All EuroDB elements are described in detail within dedicated tabs.

Scheme EuroDB
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