Hybrid Cloud Centralization

EuroIQ is building another layer in the Cloud/Hybrid IT infrastructure – a web interface and REST API. EuroIQ thus replaces the interfaces and APIs of individual managers (providers) from various areas in the 'on-premise' and 'cloud' environments. EuroIQ integrates and enables logical and physical grouping of resources and information about their mutual relations (also offering support for the so-called cross-linking between infrastructure layers, cloud and containers).

Continuous Discovery

Once the connection to virtualization, container, network and storage management systems is configured, EuroIQ will automatically detect inventory, map relationships and listen for changes. The result is a rich, up-to-date and related dataset that provides the basis for advanced management capabilities.

Smart State Analytics

SmartState analysis enables direct insight into virtual machines, containers and hosts to understand current usage and normal operating ranges (CPU, RAM, network, storage). SmartState does not require the presence (installation) of an agent on end instances (agent-less integration). Therefore, the implementation of EuroIQ is extremely easy, both in installation and in the subsequent phase of operation or infrastructure expansion.

Reporting and optimization

EuroIQ captures metrics for virtual machines, containers and hosts. This data can be used to find unused systems, bottlenecks, get a recommendation for the correct size, plan capacity, or run a ‘what if...?’ scenario.

In turn, EuroIQ reporting mechanisms may, among other things, predict the saturation of hardware resources and send reports and notifications (e.g. via e-mail) regarding the current operation of the IT environment in a predetermined manner. The process of automatically informing administrators can also be initiated in connection with a specific event, e.g. when limits are exceeded or resources are exhausted.

Self-service for end-users

In EuroIQ, you can define resource packages and publish them in a service catalog, from where they can be ordered by end users (e.g. providing a new virtual machine). After provinsioning, you can manage the entire service lifecycle, including policies, compliance, delegated operations, chargeback, and rollback.

EuroIQ can also generate cost reports on resource utilization and send them to end customers via e-mail.