EuroLinux is an enterprise-class Linux operating system based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® source code. It is therefore functionally compatible with RHEL®, Oracle® Linux, CentOS Linux, and Scientific Linux.

EuroLinux is a stable, reliable, proven, and fully professional product. Our developers continuously take care of its development. They keep it up to date with updates, constantly monitor the stability and security of the EuroLinux software and, in line with the mainstream, release new versions (upgrades) of the system.

EuroLinux, thanks to its unique features (high product quality, real support, simple and friendly licensing, which results in an advantageous price) is an exceptionally attractive offer on the market of Enterprise class Linux operating systems.

EuroLinux is an Open Source software developed by experienced developers and architects. Our offer is a response to the needs reported by users and partners that have not yet been met: a serious product with real technical support and at an attractive price.

By providing, implementing and maintaining Linux systems for a dozen or so years, we have gained not only experience and technological knowledge, but also learned about the real needs of customers in this area.

Our goal is to provide the best Linux server on the market

– Jerzy Baranowski, CEO EuroLinux Sp. z o.o.

Certified EuroLinux operating system is derived from Scientific Linux, which is directly based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. This means in particular that EuroLinux system is fully compatible with the most popular commercial Linux distribution. Moreover, the migration from this distribution to the EuroLinux platform only comes down to running a simple script, which will change the repository, i.e. the source from which system updates will be downloaded. The operation is therefore quick and easy. In the same easy way you can also switch systems support from Oracle® Linux and CentOS to EuroLinux support.

The software has been tested on a massive scale during many years of work in the most demanding environments: stock exchanges, banks and insurers, telecommunications companies, public institutions as well as the most powerful academic centres.

Real support

The quality of EuroLinux technical support is at the heart of our offer.

By introducing our solution to the market, we made support for Linux servers real, professional and easily accessible again. Our experts know the customers and therefore better understand their potential and actual needs. As a result, they can immediately interact accordingly. In addition, technical support is provided in the local language and in English.

The EuroLinux technical assistant stands out as:

  • competent technical resources already in the first line of support
  • personalized support — the customer is recognized when a problem is reported
  • dedicated team for supporting a given customer (TU)
  • on-site customer support
  • communication in local language and English.

We understand that a customer ordering a Linux server actually buys technical support, so we want our support to fully meet their expectations.

– Joanna Oleszkowicz-Cygoń, Sales Director at EuroLinux Sp. z o.o.

Advantageous price

EuroLinux software is cheaper by up to 80% compared to the offer of the leading providers of comparable solutions.

Such a big difference results from our fair price strategy. It consists, among other things, in delivering a complete product, rather than artificially dividing it into a number of paid parts, additionally priced depending on the number of processors.

The price of EuroLinux includes additional functionalities (add-ons), which are available from other manufacturers for an additional fee. In addition, we do not require additional charges for a larger number of processors on the server. That is why our competitive advantage is so great.

The price advantage of EuroLinux is particularly evident in the case of larger orders and virtual environments, which, among other things, is due to the advantageous licensing of our products.

The table shows a comparison between EuroLinux offer and that of one of the similar manufacturers

DescriptionEuroLinuxSimilar producer
LicensingSimple and friendlyVery complicated
Add-onsIncluded in priceCharged extra
More CPU in the serverIt does not affect the pricePrice increase x2, x4, x8
Support channels: www, e-mail, telephoneYesYes
On-site manufacturer's supportYesNo
Dedicated support of engineers and architects (TU)YesNo
Direct contact to engineers and architectsYesNo
Support in EnglishYesYes
Price advantage over the price list of a similar producerEven 80% below the price list of a similar manufacturerPrice list of a similar manufacturer