In order to meet the needs of administrators, the standard version of the EuroLinux operating system already contains (at no additional cost) all the add-ons that significantly expand its capabilities. With this solution, our customers do not have to worry about licensing and additional costs in case they need to use additional and often necessary technologies.

High Availability

High availability module provides uninterrupted operation of the application regardless of the state of individual nodes in the cluster. This ensures that a failure of the node is not synonymous with the failure of the entire infrastructure. It also adds new solutions of redundant storage of information in order to increase data security. It also allows tasks to be shared between nodes, ensuring file integrity when multiple users work on the same file at the same time. In addition, nodes can be disconnected and attached to the cluster without having to be reconfigured by the administrator.

Network Load Balancer

The module enables the distribution of network traffic to many servers. This is essential for applications used by thousands of users. Depending on the needs, the administrator can choose the optimal balancing algorithm from the eight available ones. The module requires the use of LVS (Linux Virtual Server) — it runs on two identically configured servers — active and backup. The backup server monitors the operation of the active server and takes over its role in the event of its failure.

Resilient Storage

This module implements Global File System 2 (GFS2) — a file system that allows all nodes in a cluster to have direct access to a block device. All nodes operate as peers there, so we do not deal with a typical client-server architecture, which is often very prone to server failure. Handling of operations on a block device is similar in a cluster with GFS2 as on the local file system of the node. Resilent Storage additionally includes CLVM, a manager for handling logical partitions in the cluster according to LVM2 standards. The logical LVM partition created by CLVM will be available on every node.

Scalable File System

It is a module that implements the XFS file system — an easily scalable, fast and recognized file system which supports file systems exceeding 16 TB. XFS uses metadata posting — it enables to instantly check and fix errors in the file system structure if necessary. XFS also enables to enlarge or defragment the filesystem without interrupting its operation. This solution enables to achieve less server downtime.

Smart Management

It is a module that, together with the EuroMan platform, enables to manage thousands of physical and virtual machines from a single central, graphical console. It is a complete and recognized lifecycle management system for operating systems. The main features of this add-on are:

  • Update management — the administrator can apply, disassemble, compare and undo updates
  • Configuration of systems and the available software — you can quickly and easily create an environment tailored to your needs and conveniently duplicate it using kickstart files
  • Auditing and reporting — it enables to easily find the necessary information about the system, its hardware resources, available errata, applied updates, etc.

High Performance Network

The module supports the work of administrators with systems requiring low network latency. It provides remote access to storage over Ethernet (RoCE). RoCE bypasses the system kernel as well as the system itself by placing data directly in the memory of the remote system, which has a beneficial effect on the processor, reducing its load. The module helps to increase cluster efficiency, speed up data processing or scale distributed systems.