EuroLinux Gaia launches breakthrough functionality for organizations that care about the highest level of software delivery security. The solution enables self-compilation of the operating system from sources in the customer's infrastructure. It also allows customization of the system, as well as the ability to create your own dedicated distribution.

The name of the tool – „Gaia” – comes from Greek mythology and means Mother Earth

Compile the system in your own infrastructure

EuroLinux Gaia is the answer for the most demanding customers who expect not only a high-quality product, but also for it to meet their internal security standards. Compiling the operating system from source files in your own infrastructure guarantees the highest possible level of confidence in the software, a sense of security, ensures supply continuity and resistance to attacks on the supply chain.

The ability to build your own fork

EuroLinux Gaia allows the rebranding of the system and extensive customization, i.e. creating your own distribution (fork) based on EuroLinux. This allows users to create operating systems for special applications, such as for industry, the military or scientific institutions.

What does EuroLinux Gaia contain?

As part of the product, the customer receives:

  • EuroLinux Gaia build system
  • Golden Key subscription – allowing the use of an unlimited number of EuroLinux systems
  • Batteries repositories, i.e. packages not included in the distribution, necessary for building it
  • EuroLinux Gaia's internal documentation for building the system
  • software comparison system with test oracle
  • Direct support (On-Site, phone, email) of the EuroLinux build automation engineer.

How to order?

EuroLinux Gaia solution is tailored to the customer's specific needs and environment, especially in terms of distribution package content and branding.

To order the solution, please contact us via email: sales /, phone: +48 22 243 22 33 or the contact form below.

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