EuroLinux Desktop is a breakthrough in the operating system market. It combines the aesthetic and functionality of Windows® and macOS® with the reliability and security of the Enterprise Linux distribution.

EuroLinux Desktop

Desktop functionality – server-grade quality

EuroLinux Desktop introduces several changes to the Linux user interface, making it easy to use for those accustomed to Microsoft® or Apple® software. At the same time, it provides the highest security and stability.

Who is EuroLinux Desktop for?

public administration
educational institutions
private users

For the office, administration, bank and at home

EuroLinux Desktop is designed for individuals and organizations that use Windows® or macOS® daily and are looking for a stable operating system that maintains the aesthetic of the Microsoft® and Apple® solutions and is covered by long-term technical support. EuroLinux Desktop is the answer to the needs of public administration, the financial sector, educational institutions, as well as private users who value software security.

EuroLinux Desktop

Benefits of using EuroLinux Desktop

For users:

  • comfort of intuitive design
  • free access to over 2,000 applications from Flathub
  • no requirement to buy and install antivirus software
  • version with technical support or free version.

For administrators:

  • simple update management system
  • high system security.

For organizations:

  • 10-year software life cycle
  • manufacturer's technical support
  • reasonable and competative pricing

EuroLinux Desktop means convenience, stability and security

EuroLinux Desktop supports applications in AppImage format. Using them resembles the familiar Windows® programs with the .exe extension. However, unlike Microsoft's solution, the AppImage application in EuroLinux Desktop is always run by a non-privileged user, which significantly increases system security.

Thousands of free applications

EuroLinux Desktop is integrated with the Flathub repository. This provides seamless access to more than 2,000 free applications. They can be installed, with a single click – analogous to the Microsoft Store® or App Store®.

Among numerous categories there is a wide spectrum of available software. The system provides the tools necessary for working, entertainment, education, information exchange and those needed for the daily, comfortable use of a computer.

Audio/video software

More than 200 audio/video programs for editing, playback, file cataloguing, music production and video editing, MIDI controllers, tablature editing tools for guitarists or tuners for musical instruments.

Graphics & Photography

Nearly 160 graphic tools and programs for creating and editing raster and vector graphics, applications for advanced photo editing, as well as specialized software for animation, design and 3D modelling.

Communication tools

Over 230 communication tools - instant messaging, email client, camera and surveillance applications, as well as extensive news feed readers.

Additional Tools and utilities

Variety of available programmes and tools for advanced analysis, including computing, statistical analysis, sophisticated graphs or cryptographic programs, meteorological tools, as well as programs for mechatronic design or 3D medical imaging.

For developers and administrators

Integrated development environments, text and file editors, repository and system management tools and virtual machine managers.

Education and entertainment

More than 500 educational applications and games, as well as many other entertainment programs.

Support for Windows® software

With EuroLinux Desktop, you can use a huge database of applications designed for Windows®. All you need to do is install Steam® software or Lutris the Open Source gaming platform, or Wine the compatibility layer for Windows® applications.

EuroLinux Desktop

EuroLinux Desktop vs. Windows® and macOS®


The software is developed from Open Source code that is vetted by a community of specialists dedicated to providing the BEST PRODUCT possible.

data protection

The system does not track users' activities. Privacy is treated as a very important aspect that should naturally be preserved. GOODBYE SPYWARE.


EuroLinux Desktop is inherently resistant to viruses and trojans. It also has security applications, a firewall and an access policy control system. Updates are downloaded automatically excluding any disturbance in the OS use. This ensures that the system is always UP TO DATE and SAFE.

freedom of choice

No matter whether you are a user of the version with or without support, you can use the system without restrictions and customize its appearance and operation in any way you like. After all, this is a system that IS FOR YOU.


The system does not require any cleanup work, such as defragmentation or cleanup. Files are organized from the moment they are created (xfs), and the system works with the same performance all the time. As a result, your work will ALWAYS BE EFFECTIVE.


It is a system for users who value privacy and want to use stable, mature and proven software of the HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE.

System interface

EuroLinux Desktop

Extensive office suite

EuroLinux Desktop includes the popular LibreOffice suite of office applications, essential for everyday work. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor, vector graphics editor, mathematical formula editor and relational database management system.

EuroLinux Desktop

Rich multimedia support

EuroLinux Desktop supports many media file formats (mp3, mpg, wma, ts, opus, ogg, mp4, flac, aiff, acc, ac3, avi), as well as the open codecs used for the popular mkv (Matroska) video files. Each of these formats is played with the default Totem/Videos system player.

EuroLinux Desktop

Environment you know

The system allows desktop icon placement, maximization and minimization of windows as standard, and provides a day/night theme change function with an option to set an automatic switchover schedule. It also offers the familiar Windows® additional right-click menu items on the desktop (including New Document, Arrange Icons or Sort by...).

EuroLinux Desktop

Modern taskbar with application icons

Located at the bottom of the screen, the translucent taskbar is modelled after the latest versions of Windows® and macOS®. It stores icons for favourite applications, notifications and running programs, a button that displays icons for all applications in high magnification, as well as the date and time information. The system allows simple repositioning of the bar to the right, left or top of the desktop, as well as its extensive customization. The user can customize its height, length, transparency, colour, icon spacing and size.

Manufacturer Support

EuroLinux Desktop is also offered with technical support for companies and organizations. The support includes manufacturer's technical caretaking implemented in English, access to documentation and information about security updates (errata). If you are interested in purchasing EuroLinux Desktop for your company, please contact us:

Download free ISO

Download free ISO
Download free ISO Live

Note: A CPU that supports instructions from the **x86_64-v2 microarchitecture** is required for proper operation of the system. Otherwise, an attempt to boot the system will end with a kernel panic message.

Quotes and opinions from the internet

EuroLinux could be the ideal desktop Linux distribution for businesses (...) Speaking of the GNOME desktop, what EuroLinux does with the UI will have every user instantly at home (...) EuroLinux Desktop is based on RHEL and uses a modified GNOME desktop environment to create an operating system that is incredibly stable and secure, while also being easy to use (...) I found EuroLinux to be an impressive desktop environment that would be perfectly at home in any business around the globe. Give this desktop distribution a go and see if your end users would benefit from having Linux on their desktops.


EuroLinux Desktop is based on RHEL 9, which enables it to serve you with server-level stability and security alongside a decent desktop experience (...) Multitasking is very simple, thanks to the thoughtful implementation of the GNOME window manager (...) it might appeal to users who are coming from a Windows or a macOS system and want to try Linux for the first time.


If you need a stable desktop your average use for 5+ years without worrying about sudden crashing, boot problems, grub problems, slowness, etc. – then it’s ideal for you. Also, it’s perfect for you if you don’t like how Ubuntu is heading – forcing snap, other aspects and want to switch to a stable distro (...) Alma Linux and Rocky Linux. Both of them are precisely identical to EuroLinux except for the underlying software sources. But both are relatively new in the field (born after the CentOS event) two/three years back. Whereas, EuroLinux (as a server) has been in the field for nearly a decade.

Everything was working great, and I almost didn’t want to mess wid that ‘Windows Looking‘ desktop! I can see newbie Windows users liking GNOME offered in this way…yes indeed! (...) The way they have offered the GNOME desktop is most excellent and definitely caught my eye!

Linux Newbie – since 1996