What is the Enterprise Linux family?

The Enterprise Linux operating system family is a group of products derived from the same source code of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. These include, among others: RHEL, EuroLinux, Oracle® Linux, CentOS or Scientific Linux.

The effect of common source code

The same origin of the Enterprise Linux family of systems means that the content of the packages is virtually the same. This means that these systems are compatible with each other and provide the same functionality and capabilities. What's more, the packages provided are interchangeable, so you can successfully switch from one repository (system patch source) to another.

Why change your support provider?

Technical support is an essential part of commercial Open Source solutions. This is particularly true in critical environments, where reliability and security is a priority in every company. However, commercial support is often very expensive and is provided from a remote location, additionally in a foreign language. Moreover, the license provisions associated with its purchase are often complex and difficult to understand. Then you naturally want to change your support service provider. The solution in this situation is made easier by the compatibility of the Enterprise family of systems mentioned above.

No vendor lock-in

The "no vendor lock-in" principle of the free software market indicates that there is no tight link between software and technical support. This means that it can be provided by any company with the appropriate skills and technical capabilities. This is where EuroLinux meets the needs of customers.

What is EuroES?

EuroES (Extended Support for Linux) is professional technical assistance provided by EuroLinux for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Oracle® Linux and CentOS operating systems. The scope of EuroES includes both specialized technical and implementation support as well as updates for the existing and upgrades to new versions of the aforementioned operating systems. EuroES also provides 5 functional extensions (add-ons) as a standard (without extra charge). EuroLinux technical assistance is provided at 3 support levels (Premium, Standard, Basic).

What makes EuroES stand out in the open source support market?

EuroES support is provided not from a remote location, but locally by certified Polish architects and engineers in Polish and English. EuroES also offers on-site support, i.e. at the customer's site. Moreover, support at the L1 level is simplified as much as possible, allowing quick escalation to support at the L2 or L3 level. This way, the customer actually bypasses the cumbersome automated telephone line. Another distinguishing feature of EuroES are its simple and clear license terms and its attractive price – up to 80% more favorable than that of other support providers.

How to switch from standard support to EuroLinux support?

Changing the existing support to EuroLinux does not require migration or system reinstallation. The whole process comes down to switching the repository (repo switch) using a simple script. This operation is fully reversible and the system itself remains unchanged after switching. As the system does not change, there is no need for special training or hiring more specialists.

EuroES – is it for you?

EuroES is addressed to users of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Oracle® Linux and CentOS operating systems who want to improve the quality of technical support and reduce the operating cost, but without changing how the software they use runs.