About the developers-first concept

We are an organization driven by a community, through our customers and those involved in the entire Enterprise Linux ecosystem involvement we keep their best interests at heart throughout our development process. For this reason, we frequently share resources with superusers and developers. We believe that by providing easy access, we establish a different, modern approach to building an operating system, additional components and creating custom solutions. We achieve our goals through the availability of build artifacts, the production of best-in-class developer solutions, and a transparent, direct process for submitting proposals and flagging bugs. We also prepare several images for other systems such as AlmaLinux and RockyLinux. These are useful in the process of building, testing, and integrating solutions running on the EuroLinux platform. In the world of Enterprise Linux, developers should be treated as an integral and indeed indispensable part of the community, processes, the system as a whole, and not just as a "necessary" add-on in the broader operational (ops) branch. Below we present the highlights of our developers-first approach.

The devel packages

While numerous distributions block access to development packages containing among others the library headers necessary to compile their own solutions for Enterprise Linux platforms, we provide devel packages that are part of the buildroots described below. You can use them by downloading selected packages. All the build artifacts for a given repository can be found in the REPONAME-all repositories available on EuroLinux.

Open Buildroot (for x86_64, i686 and ARM64)

We provide a full buildroot, including one for a 32-bit architecture. This allows, among other things, the compilation of applications that may require such support (e.g. Wine), the creation of your own repositories based on EuroLinux and its buildroot, or a simpler recompilation of system packages.

Container images for other distributions

In adherence to the developers-first idea, we provide a range of container images for many environments, including other distributions such as Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux. Our images are regularly updated (monthly cycle + ability to rebuild on demand with one click deployment). This prevents technical debt generated by old, frozen container images (although it is still possible to use an older version with the appropriate label i.e. tag). It also increases security, which is crucial, in the case of critical vulnerabilities, allowing instant patching of all images across the organization.

Docker Quay

Vagrant boxes for the Enterprise Linux family

We provide a variety of development images available on the Vagrant platform.

We provide images for the following platforms:

  • VirtualBox
  • libvirt (KVM)
  • VMware Workstation.


EuroLinux Gaia 2.0 build system

EuroLinux Gaia is our proprietary tool that allows you to build (compile from source files) an operating system yourself, in your own infrastructure. That allows you to create your own Linux fork. For more information see the dedicated Build your own distribution tab.