Cloud services are the fastest growing part of the IT market. More and more organizations are adopting a cloud-centric strategy, using cloud platforms is their natural choice. Following the market needs, we are making EuroLinux available on the three cloud leaders platforms.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

EuroLinux is offered in the AWS Marketplace as part of the EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) service. EC2 is currently the most popular option, involving a virtual cluster of computers with scalable hardware resources. As part of Amazon Marketplace, we provide EuroLinux images in various versions. We also offer a 5-day trial subscription.

Microsoft Azure

We also enable the usage of different versions of EuroLinux in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Machines created within the Azure Compute service can be monitored from the Microsoft Azure Portal, which provides a range of tools needed to diagnose and manage resources. There is as much as a 30-day trial period available to the user for this cloud platform.

Alibaba CLoud

EuroLinux is also available on the Far East's largest cloud platform, Alibaba Cloud (also known as Aliyun). In addition to data centers located primarily in Asia, Alibaba Cloud also gives you a choice of regions in Europe, North America or even Australia. Its offering is very attractively priced (compared to AWS or Azure clouds), making it an interesting option for companies with smaller budgets.

Google Cloud Platform

EuroLinux images are also available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To use them, use the gcloud console tool, installed with Cloud Shell, and the EuroLinux image available here. This solution makes it easy to manage Google Cloud projects and resources. You log in via gcloud to GCP, then select or create a new project, then run the command:

gcloud beta compute instances create eurolinux-server1 --zone=us-central1-a --machine-type=n1-standard-1 --subnet=default --image= --boot-disk-size=10GB

It will create an instance of EuroLinux with the name eurolinux-server1 in the us-central1-a zone.

Other platforms

We are successively making our products available on other cloud platforms as well. We will inform you about them on our websites.