EuroLinux Q3 2022 Roadmap

In the previous quarter, we released EuroLinux 8.6. Importantly, we did so on the same day that Red Hat® released its version 8.6. We also built and published version 9.0 based on and compiled from RHEL® 9.0 sources. EuroLinux became part of the AlmaLinux Foundation's ELevate project. It is currently possible to upgrade CentOS 7 to EuroLinux 8. Our pilot project EuroLinux Desktop ended with the publication of a closed Beta version. It is an operating system designed for personal computers and workstations. The project is conducted together with public institutions and is based on EuroLinux 9.

We are planning a public release of EuroLinux 9 Desktop this quarter. An important change also awaits the EuroMan project. This is because work is underway on EuroMan 2.0. At the same time, we are developing the Rebel repository with new versions of the Linux kernel, multimedia packages and many others necessary for ecosystems using Enterprise Linux. Our cloud offering will be expanded to include images for Alibaba Cloud. We also plan to customize and implement infrastructure for public mirroring with EuroLinux.

EuroLinux roadmap Q3 2022