EuroLinux Q1 2023 Roadmap

In the previous quarter, we released EuroLinux operating system versions 8.7 and 9.1 for x86_64 and ARM (aarch64) architectures. We also made public the EuroELS (Extended Life Support) product, addressing the challenges of the lack of updates for version 6 of CentOS, RHEL, Oracle Linux, Scientific Linux and EuroLinux. The first group of EOHC (EuroLinux Open Hardware Certification) hardware tests also saw the daylight.

In Q1, we plan to release updates to EuroLinux Desktop both as a standard installer and as a Live ISO. This will make it possible to test the system before installing it. We will also continue work on Gaia 3.0 and the Rebel repository. We plan to release the EuroMan 2.0 product, beta testing of which is nearing completion.

Roadmap EuroLinux