The future of the CentOS project

At the end of 2021, CentOS will end its life in its current form and start functioning as CentOS Stream, an upstream (development branch) for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. This means that using CentOS, especially in production environments, will become risky. CentOS users will no longer receive previous updates to their systems, and proven, stable packages will be replaced with developmental ones that have not been tested in production practice. In most cases, this results in either the need to migrate to another distribution or an attempt to look for a replacement package source, i.e. a stable repository.

Stable updates for CentOS even after 2021

The EuroLinux support offered for CentOS enables keeping the existing CentOS instances without reinstallation, also in production environments. All thanks to the guarantee of full updates (including updates and upgrades) from EuroLinux. The change consists in switching the existing repository from CentOS to EuroLinux repository.

The migration from CentOS to EuroLinux

The migration from CentOS to EuroLinux comes down to running a simple script in the terminal. It is fully secure and does not require a reinstallation of the system or the applications installed on it. The migration process is described in the Migration to EuroLinux guide. There is also a video tutorial.

Additional benefits

EuroLinux support not only allows you to stay with CentOS, but it is also an opportunity to take advantage of professional technical assistance provided by Polish engineers and architects. By switching support to EuroLinux, you get the same benefits of the selected level of support you would receive by purchasing a full EuroLinux subscription. In addition, you will receive 5 additional modules at no extra cost (paid for in other commercial alternatives to CentOS), and all support is available with a much more favourable licensing policy. Learn more about Real EuroLinux Support.