Technical data

1 Batteries repository contains the packages necessary for a complete rebuild of the distribution, while not being part of it. These are packages maintained by the company EuroLinux.
2 The clients who have a Gold Key subscription and EuroLinux Gaia have the ability to create their own distributions being the forks of EuroLinux.

Releases and lifecycle

Minimum hardware requirements

CPU Intel x86_64, AMD, ARM
RAM 4GB (1.5GB per CPU recommended)
Free space 10GB (20 GB recommended)

Public resources

Updates in most cases less than one business day after RHEL
Quick Start
Skrypt migracyjny

Hardware certifications

EuroLinux is hardware-compatible with any device certified for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Oracle® Linux. The list of certified hardware for EuroLinux is therefore the same as the list published by the manufacturers of these systems.


EuroLinux supports the following virtualization platforms: VMware, Microsoft® Hyper-V, Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, Oracle® VirtualBox, XEN, KVM. EuroLinux can also be installed in all popular cloud and hybrid solutions.

Java virtual machine (JVM)

One of the components of the EuroLinux operating system is the JVM. By installing any of the certified Java™ virtual machines e.g. OpenJDK (available in EuroLinux as standard), the user gets a fully working EuroAP, EuroSSO or JBoss® platform on EuroLinux.