Free container images & VM

Free Base Image (FBI) is our equivalent of Universal Base Image (UBI) and includes container and virtual images without a full desktop environment. The FBI functions as a development repository, images are regularly refreshed and contain the latest versions of packages. You can use them both for testing and for running in production. However, these images are not supported or warranted by the manufacturer. All EuroLinux FBI images undergo our internal testing prior to release:

Docker Vagrant Quay

Free ISO Images

We also provide full ISO installation images of the EuroLinux distribution. The latest versions of the system are available for download in the link below. Free version does not include support.

available ISOs

EuroLinux in the Cloud

Since 2020, EuroLinux is officially available as a cloud product. The system is currently offered on the platforms of three cloud leaders:

AWS Marketplace

Due to the high popularity of AWS cloud services, we first chose Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) in AWS Marketplace. This is one of the most popular AWS cloud services, including a virtual cluster of computers with the ability to scale hardware resources, depending on actual needs at any given time. For those interested, we also offer – at no charge for the software -– a 5-day trial period.

EuroLinux on AWS

Microsoft Azure

To create your own EuroLinux virtual machine on Microsoft Azure, click Get It Now. After logging in and being redirected to the Azure portal, we click Create. Next, we go to the Basics tab in the virtual machine settings menu. In the Administrator account section we select the authentication type and provide the username that we will need when logging into the machine. After completing the required fields in the Basics tab, we go to Review + create and click Create. To connect to the created virtual machine, we point to it and use one of the connection options (SSH, RDP or Bastion) offered by Azure.

EuroLinux on Azure

Google Cloud Platform

EuroLinux is also available on Google Cloud Platform. Creating a EuroLinux instance is possible using the gcloud tool and our image The gcloud tool can be downloaded following the tutorial on After the installation process of gcloud is completed, log in to Google Cloud Platform, and then select or create a new project. The last step is to run the command:

gcloud beta compute instances create eurolinux-server1 --zone=us-central1-a --machine-type=n1-standard-1 --subnet=default --image= --boot-disk-size=10GB

It will create a EuroLinux instance named eurolinux-server1 in the zone us-central1-a.

Do you have any ideas for improvements?

Comments and ideas for improving the distribution can be submitted in our public repository on GitHub. For customers with active subscriptions, we recommend using the support portal (

github bugs/RFC