EuroMan is a tool to manage EuroLinux and other operating systems of the Enterprise Linux family (Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Oracle® Linux and CentOS). It enables easy administration of the entire physical, virtual and cloud environment using a GUI console.

EuroMan helps you configure and update your systems and to keep them running smoothly and securely in compliance with various organizational standards. Automation of most of the tasks enables a significant increase in productivity and reduction of the operating cost.


At the same time, EuroMan will notify you about the condition of all connected operating systems. The administrator has full information about the status of the connected machines in one place, he or she also knows which of them need updating and may be vulnerable to attacks.

EuroMan and Linux system management

Management of operating systems installed on virtual and physical servers is an indispensable part of system maintenance in every company. The use of a system administration tool for this purpose enables a transition from traditional administration, where the administrator takes care of only one system at a time, to a much more effective management based on groups and their associated policies.

Thanks to the global approach, the administrator is always fully aware of the quantitative and qualitative state of the infrastructure, the version of software installed, and the need to install updates. These are not the only advantages of centralizing the OS management. The additional ones are usually: monitoring, auditability, software installation and uninstallation and awareness of which systems are affected by the detected threats.