Simplified management

The EuroMan system enables operations on whole groups or, what is important, on selected systems (without the need to create temporary groups). All actions available in the tool, such as software management, system auditing, modification of configuration files, can be applied to such a set of systems. This reduces the time and effort required to effectively maintain the infrastructure in the desired condition. Additionally, operations performed on the systems are recorded, further increasing the level of security.

Patch control, easy access to bug fixes

By using EuroMan and EuroLinux operating systems, the user gains local access to bug fixes, configurable control over the updates and the entire update process. This way, we always know whether a specific 0-day is relevant to our environment or whether we are safe. No scripting, no stress and no mitigation of a problem that doesn't exist.

Awareness of the environment

EuroMan gathers information about the hardware, software and resources used. With its rich API it allows you to easily create reports and summaries.

Rich API

Thanks to the transparent API, based on the XMLRPC standard, you can create your own scripts in well-known languages such as Perl, Python or Ruby. This significantly increases the tool's adaptability to existing needs and improves its versatility.


EuroMan allows one administrator to manage both hundreds and single systems quickly, accurately and in a much simpler way than in manual mode. This would not be possible without a central management system, and that is what EuroMan is.

Automated management for increased productivity

Even in small data centers, manual configuration and updating of servers can be time consuming. It is also conducive to making an unintentional mistake, which can be very expensive. As the scale of your data center increases, so does its complexity. The infinite addition of specialists to handle it is not an optimum answer. Not only does the cost increase rapidly, but so does the risk of errors and loss of control over the whole environment. The answer is EuroMan, which enables easy configuration and patching and faster and consistent implementation of operating systems from one place.


SCAP, or Security Content Automation Protocol is a method that enables automatic assessment of system vulnerability and evaluation of compliance with commonly accepted standards. EuroMan has the capacity to carry out audits through OpenSCAP. Thist way, no auditor will surprise you anymore.