EuroStorage Administration – About the program

EuroStorage Administration Training was created with current and future Ceph™ cluster administrators, DevOps and developers in mind. It will allow you to gain familiarity with mature, high performance open source EuroStorage (Ceph™) technology. It will also give insight into the broader context of issues in mass storage and integration of Ceph™ clusters with different solutions.

Educational goals

Participants in the program will gain knowledge in the following areas, among others:

  • independent Ceph™ cluster installation
  • Ceph™ cluster administration
  • simple tuning of Ceph™, the system and kernel parameters
  • integration of a Ceph™ cluster with OpenStack™ and Kubernetes™.

Apart from the essential theoretical foundations that EuroStorage (Ceph™) technology is based on, the training program will include many practical examples of cluster applications. A detailed plan of the training program is presented below.

Who is it for?

  • Future mass storage administrators, especially of systems based on the EuroStorage (Ceph™) project
  • EuroStorage (Ceph™) cluster administrators who want to consolidate and expand their knowledge
  • OpenStack™ administrators using EuroStorage (Ceph™) as mass storage
  • DevOps who plan to participate in the creation of solutions and projects based on EuroStorage (Ceph™) and who want to understand it not just from the developer’s side but also from the administrator’s side.

What we expect from participants

  • Knowledge of Linux systems at (Enterprise Linux Administration I) and (Enterprise Linux Administration II) level
  • Experience in administering SAN solutions may facilitate the learning process but is not required
  • Experience in the areas of OpenStack™ and Kubernetes™ is not required.

Training program

  1. Introduction to mass storage
  2. Introduction to network mass storage
  3. Introduction to EuroStorage (Ceph™)
  4. EuroStorage (Ceph™) cluster architecture
  5. Installing a EuroStorage (Ceph™) cluster using ceph-deploy
  6. Installing a EuroStorage (Ceph™) cluster using Ansible™ and BlueStore
  7. Basic cluster configuration
  8. Configuring and using CephFS
  9. Configuring and using RBD (Rados Block Device)
  10. RBD mirroring
  11. Cluster integration with OpenStack™ Cinder
  12. Creating and configuring object storage with RGW (Rados Gateway)
  13. EuroStorage (Ceph™) cluster integration with OpenStack™ Glance and programs using the Amazon™ S3 interface
  14. CRUSH map configuration
  15. OSD map management
  16. PG (Placement Groups) management
  17. EuroStorage (Ceph™) cluster troubleshooting
  18. Testing cluster performance and accessing performance monitoring in Linux
  19. Fine-tuning of clusters and the Linux system
  20. Integrating a EuroStorage (Ceph™) cluster with Kubernetes™.

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