Offer based on needs

Open Source solutions mean you can individually choose software providers and technical support. That’s why it’s worth having a look at the potential benefits that come from the choice. Some of the benefits listed below are a direct result of our solution stack while others are part of our company philosophy, embodied in our motto “true product – real support – fair price”, and still others are from the nature of the product itself.

The benefits of EuroStorage supplied by EuroLinux include:

  • a longer life cycle than the community version
  • technical support for the product
  • a central support space for many solutions
  • a simple and clear offer without hidden costs or surprises
  • access to updates and errata
  • tech support in English and Polish
  • authorised training sessions conducted by experienced instructors and practitioners (EuroStorage Administration Training).

Additionally, as part of our Proactive Constant Care policy carried out by our dedicated customer care Technical Unit, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of:

  • administration of the solution throughout its entire life cycle
  • advisory services at the infrastructure design and equipment purchasing stages
  • a comparative analysis of different systems and solutions
  • installation and configuration of the solution
  • EuroStorage cluster tuning
  • training sessions adapted to your individual needs.

Idea of EuroStorage

EuroStorage is a product which is entirely based on the Ceph™ community project. It provides a Software-Defined Storage (SDS) system comprising a full technological stack. On the one hand, EuroStorage has technical features which ensure the full support of Enterprise-class solutions, while on the other, by avoiding the use of excessive modifications to the source code it prevents the occurrence of vendor lock-in.

Some of the projects which EuroStorage is based on are:

  • Ceph™ version 14 with revisions and possible backports increasing security and reliability which do not affect the functionality of the platform (no “vendor lock-in”)
  • Ceph™ Deploy – a tool for installing and managing a cluster
  • Ceph™ Ansible™ – a set of playbooks for installing and maintaining a cluster, including in container environments
  • Ceph™ Medic – a tool for analysing and finding potential irregularities in the cluster and reporting atypical events and configurations. Among others, it supports Kubernetes™ and OpenShift™.