As a manufacturer and provider of professional IT solutions, we support our customers and partners at every stage of the purchasing process.

As part of pre-sales support, we define the client's real needs, selecting appropriate solutions from our technological stack. We look out for opportunities to minimize operating costs, optimize infrastructure or introduce new, required functionalities.

Post-sales support is additional professional services and consulting for selected elements of the customer's infrastructure.

Pre-sales support

Solutions presentation

The datum point of most projects is a presentation during which we present our solutions and their features. Depending on customer preference, the meeting may focus on technical or business aspects.

Analysis of features and needs

Once a solution is chosen, we start the analysis of the customer's environment in terms of implementation or migration, including the migration from closed solutions (e.g. from Oracle database to PostgreSQL). Then we prepare an implementation plan. Together we also determine the need for post-implementation knowledge transfer or professional product training.

Proof of Concept

Upon request, we perform Proof of Concept (PoC) at the pre-sales stage. These are test implementations that allow to determine the feasibility and justness of specific technical and business concepts. By defining the conditions for success precisely, we can verify the practical justification for implementing a given solution in the customer's infrastructure.

Post-sales support

Maintaining IT solutions and ensuring their continuous operation is one of the highest priorities in every company. That is why we also offer post-sales support to our customers, which includes technical assistance of EuroLinux experts and extended support services, including Professional Services and consulting. These are fundamental when there is a need for technical expertise, external audit of an infrastructure or strengthening of technical resources within the company.

Professional Services

As part of Professional Services we offer dedicated services consisting of:

  • infrastructure audit services
  • system architect support services
  • the support for transitioning to high availability and cloud solutions
  • the support for migrating from cloud to on-premise solutions
  • the assistance in migrating to higher, supported software versions (upgrade)
  • tuning and solutions optimization
  • capacity planning-related services
  • continuous proactive caretaking
  • system maintenance and support, including RHEL®, CentOS, Oracle® Linux, PostgreSQL as well
  • authorized and dedicated training in the scope of the technologies implemented.


We also offer professional consulting services. We support our clients and partners in achieving specific needs and goals, using many years of experience and expertise.

Sample projects from this area:

  • analysis of the feasibility of using products from the EuroLinux stack in a customer environment
  • analysis of migration possibilities between operating systems and databases
  • analysis of the middleware layer: JBoss®, WildFly and the possibility of switching it to EuroAP.

If you need additional services and support, please contact us.