Join our team of partners and retail high quality Enterprise open-source software to your customers.

EuroLinux is a producer of established software, which is combined with professional technical support. We are open to new cooperation with partners from around the world to distribute our solutions. We offer straightforward and transparent rules, sales support and competitive salaries.

Our partners have a strong market advantage through selling professional IT solutions at attractive prices, on simple licensing terms along with dedicated manufacturer support.

Products included in the partnership program

The core offering for Partners consists of four flagship products:

  • EuroLinux – an Enterprise-class Linux distribution
  • EuroDB – a database platform based on PostgreSQL
  • EuroAP – an application server for Java TM
  • EuroSSO – a Single Sign-On platform.
EuroLinux as an replacement to CentOS. EuroLinux can be successfully utilized to support CentOS or RHEL. Currently Many companies are seeking an alternative to CentOS due to the termination of support for version 8 and the ending of support for version 7. EuroLinux strives to be a more favourable option, financially and licensing restrictions wise, to RHEL. More information can be found on the page EuroLinux / Migrate from CentOS.

Parthership perks

Participation in the partner program ensures:

  • access to high quality open-source products at attractive prices
  • the ability to offer alternatives to expensive solutions
  • additional sales benefits
  • marketing benefits
  • manufacturer's sales and technical support at every stage of the project.

We offer partners the opportunity to register projects, which translates into additional benefits. We neither require partnership fees nor impose sales targets - you buy subscriptions only if you are doing a specific project. Further we provide attractive financing terms for projects.

Partnership levels

We offer two levels of partnership: EuroLinux Partner and EuroLinux Authorized Partner. Below is a table with the benefits attributed to each level of partnership.

* The ability to use the solutions in your own infrastructure or for demonstration purposes at your customers' sites.

How to become a Partner?

If you run or represent a company operating in the IT sector, choose the level of partnership you are interested in and fill out the form below. We will then contact you and guide you through the steps to certification. Alternatively contact us with any questions you might have about parthership.

Partner registration form