Check difference between levels of support: Premium, Standard, Basic

Levels of support

Our company offers You three different levels of support: Premium, Standard, and Basic. In the case of higher levels of support (Standard and, above all, Premium) a broader spectrum of support services is provided. That includes extended service hours and more contact channels providing individual and personalised support.

A unique feature of our technical support is the ability to obtain support on-site, at no additional cost, which is not offered by the other vendors.

On-site service is provided by Architects and Administrators, the holders of the highest certificates in the field of Open Source technology.

Detailed differences between levels of support are presented the following table:

24h / 7 8h / 5 Installation support
the phone the phone the phone
e-mail e-mail e-mail
www www www
on-site 1 on-site 1

1 – when you buy a minimum of 50 subscriptions

SLA-Response Times:

Problem category PREMIUM 24h / 7 STANDARD 8h / 5 BASIC
1 – critical Up to one hour Up to one hour One business day
2 – High Two hours Four hours One business day
3 – Medium Four hours One business day One business day
4 – Low One day Two business days Two business days
+48 22 243 22 33