We offer our clients a transparent and straightforward licensing model.

In comparison to other leading software vendors, when purchasing the EuroLinux operating system, the client pays for the physical host, not for each pair of processors. With virtual servers, our client receives packages of ten instances, while servers are counted in the entire infrastructure. Other products are licensed per one physical or virtual core, or on the packages of ten cores.

Ways of licensing EuroLinux products:

Product Name Available levels of support Licensing method
EuroLinux Premium / Standard /Basic One physical host regardless of the CPU amount
EuroLinux Premium / Standard Per ten virtual instances in the entire infrastructure
EuroMan The same as for operating system Per one host
EuroDB Premium / Standard / Basic Per one physical or virtual core
EuroAP Premium / Standard / Basic Per ten physical cores or ten virtual cores
EuroStorage Premium / Standard Per one physical node up to 16 TB