Many companies and public institutions have trusted us with delivering professional services and products over many years. We are proud to be consistently meeting our users' expectations in providing and supporting professional IT solutions. Due to the versatility and wide application of our products, they are used in many industries and fields. Our customers include some of Poland's largest entities in the public sector, finance, logistics, retail and research, as well as major IT companies. Thank you.

Selected Clients

Center for Informatics TechnologyPoland's largest company implementing IT projects for the public sector. Carries out tasks assigned by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland.

IT Center for Education and Science
A unit under the Ministry of Education and Science that performs tasks in the IT area. ICEiN's main tasks include maintenance of the Educational Information Base, IT services for the Ministry of Education and Science, and implementation of tasks commissioned by the Minister.

Ministry of Digital AffairsPolish government administration office, whose main goal is to develop digitization in the country.

Ministry of Family and Social PolicyPolish government administration office, whose main goal is to establish the basis for improving the quality of life in family affairs, labor and social security.

Patent Office of the Republic of PolandCentral government administrative body granting legal protection to objects of industrial and commercial property.

Polish PostThe largest postal operator on the Polish market with more than 67,000 employees and a network of 7,600 outlets, branches and postal agencies.

Jagiellonian University in Kraków
Polish public university located in Krakþw, Poland's oldest university and one of the oldest universities in the world.

Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of Polish Academy of SciencesPolish scientific institute dealing with research topics in materials engineering and metallurgy. It is also authorized to confer the degrees of PhD and PD in the aforementioned field.

City Hall of KrakówOffice in the Royal Capital City of Kraków, the second most populous city in Poland and one of the most visited cities by tourists in Europe.

DPDThe leader in the Polish courier market, a shipping company with a global reach delivering nearly 2 billion parcels a year and employing more than 20,000 people.

OPEGIEKAPolish research and development center. Creates innovative geoinformatics solutions based on spatial information for the needs of business, government and society.

WartaThe second largest and one of the oldest insurance companies in the Polish market with stakes in Talanx (HDI International AG) and Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company.

Information Technology Service Center in WrocławLocal Government Shared Services Center carrying out the tasks of the Mayor of Wrocław – the third largest city in Poland. It supports Wrocław's education and acts for the benefit of the citizens of Wrocław. It is responsible for the smooth operation of IT systems based on solutions from Cisco, IBM, HP, Oracle and Microsoft, among others.

Strategic Partners

Asseco PolandThe largest Polish IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a leader in digitization in Poland (Computerworld TOP200). For 30 years it has been developing software for companies operating in key sectors for the Polish economy.

Linux PolskaLeader in providing Enterprise-class Open Source technologies in Poland and Europe. Provides implementation, maintenance and consulting services. It also conducts research and development activities.

S&T Services PolandOne of the longest-established international IT companies in Poland (more than 50 years). Provides hardware, network solutions and systems such as ERP, APS, BI and EAM.

SOFTIQA company belonging to the Euvic Technology Group, specializing in software development for government, banking and healthcare.

Selected references

The company decided to partner with EuroLinux in upgrading its database environment, the main goal of which was to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure by optimizing the performance of the currently installed hardware and database system. This could be done with appropriate software. The new system had to be characterized by both high performance and reliability. The priority was to reduce the time and increase the security of the backup process. No less important was the issue of reducing the cost of maintaining the entire environment and reducing administrative dispatch through the use of log analysis tools, and statistics. The EuroDB database, produced by the company EuroLinux, turned out to be a completely satisfactory tool for us. The cooperation with EuroLinux was professional, efficient and in a very good atmosphere, and the delivery, implementation and proposed solution met our expectations. (...) With confidence we can recommend the company EuroLinux as a reliable partner, and the EuroDB product as a professional product fully covering our needs.

Marcin Ciarciński, Project Manager

DPD Poland confirms that the manufacturer of open source solutions, the company EuroLinux, within the framework of the commissioned project provided and then implemented the EuroDB database platform. The scope of work included, among other things, the installation of the EuroDB platform, the installation and configuration of the relevant modules responsible for the implementation of the task in question, the preparation of post-implementation documentation and the training of assigned personnel. DPD Poland confirms that during the implementation of the project, EuroLinux employees demonstrated high competence, and the implementation was carried out with great care and professionalism. DPD Poland plans to implement further projects with the company and recommends the company EuroLinux as a solid, reliable and timely contractor.

Tomasz Pruss, IT Operations Manager

Nadsański Bank Spółdzielczy confirms that the company Saba Service Informatics Company, together with the participation of software developer EuroLinux, has provided the ordering party with the EuroLinux platform for physical servers, along with one year of technical support and support for the existing Red Hat operating systems in the infrastructure, as part of the support renewal project. The delivery was carried out with due diligence, and EuroLinux' products meet the ordering party's expectations. Nadsański Bank Spółdzielczy rates the quality of technical support offered by EuroLinux highly and recommends EuroLinux as a trustworthy producer and solution provider. The implementation of the EuroLinux platform and the replacement of Red Hat's technical support with EuroLinux' support allowed a significant reduction in the cost of infrastructure maintenance while maintaining maximum security and high stability. Another advantage of purchasing EuroLinux systems turned out to be the possibility of fast and efficient communication with the manufacturer and obtaining support in Polish.

Magdalena Więckowicz, Acting CEO
Elżbieta Kochan, Vice President

On behalf of the City Hall of Kraków, I hereby confirm that the manufacturer of open source software – EuroLinux – has completed the delivery of an IT solution, that is, the EuroDB PostgreSQL database with a one-year subscription to technical support and expert services for the EuroDB database. The delivery of the software went smoothly, and the product met our expectations. Using the EuroDB platform helped streamline the process of administering the PostgreSQL database and reduced operating costs. (...) The company EuroLinux has fulfilled its obligations in a timely manner and with due diligence. The company is distinguished by the high quality of its products, the competence of its employees and the support provided in Polish.

Paweł Schmidt, Chief Information Officer

On behalf of the company Linux Polska, I confirm that the company EuroLinux has completed the delivery of IT solutions, that is, the EuroLinux operating system and the EuroAP application server. The deliveries were covered by a support subscription to the products themselves and a package of integration services, including those supporting the migration of existing environments to EuroLinux solutions. The final recipient of the completed deliveries and services was the Information Technology Center for Education and Science. The delivery of the software, as well as the integration cooperation, proceeded without reservations.(...) I recommend the company EuroLinux as a reliable technological and business partner.

Dariusz Świąder, CEO

On behalf of OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o., I confirm that the manufacturer and supplier of open source software – EuroLinux Sp. z o.o. has both timely and unreservedly completed the delivery of 18 EuroLinux operating systems with a three-year subscription of technical support at the Standard level (...). I conclude that the company EuroLinux' operating system is characterized by high quality and professional support of the team of specialists during the use of the software. A great benefit for us was the license agreement concluded with the Polish supplier, which was based on Polish law. We recommend EuroLinux Sp. z o.o. as a reliable and trustworthy producer and provider of Open Source solutions.

Adam Augustynowicz, CEO

S&T Services Poland recommends the company EuroLinux as a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of Open Source solutions, as well as provider of technical support for these solutions. The company EuroLinux has demonstrated high professionalism, great technical knowledge, commitment and flexibility in carrying out the order. The delivery included the delivery of the EuroDB database platform with technical support and training, and the delivery of EuroLinux support for Red Hat operating systems. The project was carried out for the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. S&T Services Poland confirms that all work performed by EuroLinux as part of the delivery was carried out with due diligence, and that the products and support met the client's requirements. The delivered EuroDB database solution has helped to streamline the administration of the client's infrastructure and has significantly reduced operating costs. By switching from standard Red Hat support for operating systems to support provided by EuroLinux for these systems, the client gained the possibility to use professional technical support provided by specialists in Polish language. In addition, the switch of support also significantly reduced the cost of maintaining operating systems. EuroLinux solutions provided the client's infrastructure with high stability and security. Also, the quick responses of the technical support team and timely delivery allow us to consider EuroLinux as a professional and recommendable partner.

Michał Wilbrandt, Business Solutions Unit Director

Altkom Investments confirms that the company eOpen, with the participation of software developer – EuroLinux – has delivered the EuroLinux platform for servers for the production and backup environment, a software solution for securing clients' access to the system, and the EuroDB database platform for the production and backup environment, together with 3-year manufacturer's support, as part of the project. Altkom Investments confirms that the project was carried out in a sound and professional manner, and that the delivered products fulfilled their function. Altkom Investments recommends EuroLinux as a provider of IT and mobile solutions and services.

Andrzej Szeniawski, CEO

Oxygen Information Technology confirms that open source solutions developer – EuroLinux – has delivered the EuroLinux operating system. This system was successfully offered and purchased by the Polish Post as an equivalent support product to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Virtual Datacenters, Standard in a tender conducted by this entity. (...) Oxygen Information Technology confirms that during the implementation of the project EuroLinux employees demonstrated high qualifications, and the delivery was carried out with great care and professionalism, and recommends EuroLinux as a solid, reliable and timely contractor.

Bartosz Jabłoński, Sales and Managing Director