Our company offers You three different levels of support: Premium, Standard, and Basic. In the case of higher levels of support (Standard and, above all, Premium) a broader spectrum of support services is provided. That includes extended service hours and more contact channels providing individual and personalised support.

A unique feature of our technical support is the ability to obtain support on-site, at no additional cost, which is not offered by the other vendors.

On-site service is provided by Architects and Administrators, the holders of the highest certificates in the field of Open Source technology.

Detailed differences between levels of support:

Premium Standard* Basic
24h / 7 8h / 5 Installation support
the phone the phone the phone
e-mail e-mail e-mail
www www www
on-site ** on-site ** -

* Standard plus allows for additional and personalized support for the chosen projects. Tailoring the technical assistance to the indivdual needs of the customer
** when you buy a minimum of 50 subscriptions.

SLA-Response Times:

Problem category Premium 24h / 7 Standard 8h / 5 Basic
1 - Critical Up to one hour Up to one hour One business day
2 - High Two hours Four hours One business day
3 - Medium Four hours One day One business day
4 - Low One day Two days Two business days

Customer support system:

Support channels EuroLinux support Standard support available on the market
dedicated phone number
personalized support
on-site engineer
direct telephone contact with EuroLinux engineers
the highest possible technical qualifications as standard
support in English
L1 – simplified support providing a swift contact to support at L2 or L3 level
L2 – engineer
L3 – architect